Reverse Engineering Services

Magellan Solutions specializes in reverse engineering service, using laser scanning to turn scanned data into a model that represents a built shape. Our requisite knowledge, an expert team and technological advantage gives us an edge over our competitors. Delivering customized reverse engineering solutions as per our client’s specific requirements has helped us emerge as one of the renowned leaders in reversing engineering services.

In this day and age, there are plenty of items out there that may need some kind of replacement or need to be dissected and studied to be replicated. This is primarily because today, most products become phased out in a matter of months or several years. With that, even if the products are still working fine and may just need a little part replacement, people choose to discard them because there are no more available spare parts as the item is not in production anymore. This is where reverse engineering services at Magellan Solutions come in.

Our Services:

Dimension Measurement

Surface Analysis

3D Laser Scanning

Digitizing Services

CMM Inspection and analysis

Manufacturing Drawings

Product Redesigning

3D Digital Modeling

How does reverse engineering using 3D data work?

When you outsource these services to Magellan Solutions Outsourcing, you can be sure that what you need to be done will be accomplished. The professionals working out the details would be going through the whole item and seeing and discovering just what comprises it.

Instead of creating it or engineering it from nothing, these people work with one item and do the reverse – they try to see how it has been put together. This is a wonder and something that is slowly gaining popularity nowadays especially with 3D printing now easily available for anyone. Many industries need to invest in this one because there are tools or items that may need replacement of some parts and yet these parts are not available in the market. Reverse engineering will help them recreate that item.

What are the benefits of reverse engineering services?

Choosing to outsource this type of task would help your business have lesser expenses. This is primarily because you would not have to spend too much on purchasing new parts that will be used to replace any worn out parts in your production. Also, if there are any deformations that could have happened to your machinery, this work would be able to help you analyze why it is happening and what could be done to prevent such. You would not have to spend too much time recreating the whole thing from scratch and thus you would have more time on your hands to focus on other important jobs that need to be done.

How does this happen?

By simply contacting Magellan Solutions, you can easily get answers to your inquiries regarding the details of outsourcing. And as soon as you have agreed to the terms, conditions and pricing, Magellan Solutions can start setting up your account so that the work can already begin as soon as possible. The team that will be doing reverse engineering services for you have already been trained and are professionals. They know how to handle things and they are more than willing to start working on any project that you would be sending their way. You can provide them with reverse engineering samples if you wish to. Or you can also send reverse engineering software that you would like them to use. Of course, if you do not have such, the company already has software already in their systems and you can go over them and see if these would be applicable to the job that they would be doing.

Who would be working on these services?

The people who would be doing these services for you are skilled professionals. They are experts are reverse engineering tasks and have years of experience to their name. They have gone through the necessary training and are quite proficient at speaking the industry’s language. These people understand how important communication is with you, and so you can expect to see regular updates and reports as per the project being handled. You would also be getting a timeline of how things would work so that you would be able to see how the whole thing will go. Many who have chosen Magellan Solutions as their partners for these services are more than happy with the job that has been done and are even happier with the results that they have received.


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