Outsource Direct Response Call Center

Direct response marketing is only effective if you can handle the call spikes that your ads bring. Never miss a potential sale with a direct response call center. Increase your response rate by hiring dedicated agents with Magellan Solutions.


What Is A Direct Response Call Center?

It handles calls or messages from potential customers who saw your print ads, TV commercials, Facebook ads, or direct mails. A direct response call center encourages customers to push through the transaction by providing additional information about your product or service. Because it guides customers into action, it can bring your business good sales results.


Who Needs A Direct Response Call Center?

Businesses that advertise or market their product through the following media can make use of a direct response call center:

  • Print ads (newspaper, magazines
  • TV commercials
  • Sponsored content on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Direct emails
  • Billboard, flyers, and other related marketing materials


Direct Response Call Center Pros And Cons

As a small business owner, handling calls spikes can be overwhelming when you don’t have enough staff.

One of the many advantages of hiring a direct response call center is to capture all opportunities – may it be a sale, actual or prospect. We will handle the bulk of customers who show interest to buy your products after seeing a promo or an ad campaign.


Direct Response Marketing Support Via A Call Center

Magellan Solutions can address marketing concerns through a variety of channels. We are capable of handling real-time chat and call support. Other channels include, direct response television marketing, email, blogs, websites and print media.

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