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Lead generation for financial services is extra competitive. That is why, Magellan sees to it to learn your services thoroughly before we go on to selling it. With our telemarketing expertise & unique approach to product training, small business like yourself can enjoy unprecedented ROI.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Lead Generation For Financial Services?

    It is a service specifically designed to assist financial institutions in getting high-value prospects. Call centers and lead generation firms are the common providers of this service.

    How Does It Work?

    Lead generation specialists start by calling a long list of potential customers then sorting out qualified leads based on the requirements of the client. Through this service, financial advisors can better target those who have the potential of converting into paying customers.

    Certain digital marketing strategies maximizing the power of the search engine can also be used in getting the interest of the market.

    What Are The Reasons To Outsource This Service?

    Lead generation is essential for any business. This is especially true with financial firms, having belonged to the most competitive vertical out there. Offshoring a portion of your operations can give your small or medium-sized firm a competitive edge.

    Other reasons why you should consider outsourcing this service are:

    • Lead generation is tedious, you don’t want to spend the majority of your time calling a long list of clients
    • You’ll have access to best value offshore talents
    • In addition, you’ll have bigger savings on performance benefits since offshore talents have fewer expectations when it comes to bonuses
    • Outsourcing gives you the ability to quickly scale up operations in terms of volume and efficiency
    • The majority of Philippine BPO companies comply with information security standards
    • Get hold of diversified market

    What Are The Benefits Of An Outsourced Lead Generation?

    Outsourcing lead generation services has several benefits:

    • A team of lead generation specialists allots enough time for cold calling which saves you valuable time to focus on your core expertise
    • Call centers have established methods of generating leads. In case you want it patterned in your system, they can implement it
    • An outsourced lead generation service costs cheaper compared to an in-house operation
    • Build better relationships with the help of a team of agents
    • Improve your sales funnel by getting pre-qualified leads

    What Should You Know Before Outsourcing Leads For Your Financial Institution?

    When choosing a service provider, find out the following information first:

    • Track record of the BPO company
    • Industry experience
    • Pricing structure
    • Adherence to information security standards

    Outsource Lead Generation For Financial Services In A Philippine Call Center

    Outsourcing to a Philippine call center can maximize growth by utilizing more cost-efficient sales and lead generation talents.

    With 14 years of experience in generating leads for the financial industry, Magellan Solutions can help you bring in value-generating expertise on board.

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