Email Support

Email is an essential business tool. However, studies revealed that it usually affects the overall productivity of employees. On average, it occupies 23 percent of their workday, taking away their precious time to do all important tasks.

Good thing, Magellan Solutions offers email support services that will answer all your customers’ concerns in a professional and timely manner. Our team of email support representatives is equipped with the right customer service skills, knowledge, and tools — a guarantee that all your customers’ concerns are addressed.

Our email support services include the following:

  • Customer service
  • Order taking
  • Problem resolution
  • Technical support

Outsourcing email support to Magellan Solutions has the following benefits:

  • High-quality, personalized, and timely responses that can build healthy client relationships.
  • Cost-effective and convenient.
  • Increased customer satisfaction leading to direct business.
  • Guaranteed ROI.
  • Higher employee productivity.

For your email support services needs, make sure to contact us today.