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Lead qualification services provide a system to classify or categorize a potential customer whether or not they qualify for services offered by a business.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is lead qualification?

    Lead qualification is the method of putting leads into categories to determine who is closer to or further along the sales process. Qualified leads are then processed accordingly for more in-depth evaluation. It is a requirement that a lead has to meet to qualify for the services offered by the business. Lead qualification varies from organization to organization depending on the type of business.

    Do lead qualification services work?

    Yes! Lead qualification services work! Imagine processing a client that turned out to be disqualified in the first place. It is a waste of time and effort on both parts. Having a lead qualification services can keep this from happening by having a process of filtering qualified from unqualified leads by going through a series of standard information gathering system.

    Why should you qualify your leads?

    You should qualify your leads to ascertain that they are in the right track and meet the criteria required by the business. This is also to save time and money both for businesses and potential or ideal customers.

    How to know if you need to outsource lead qualification?

    You know that you need to outsource lead qualification to save time and effort in screening every potential customer coming your way. Outsourcing this responsibility to qualified and knowledgeable customer service representatives will not only give you more time to attend to your other business needs, but this will also save a lot of cost by not hiring and training additional personnel to do lead qualifications.

    Top reasons to outsource your lead qualification process

    Top reasons to outsource your lead qualification process include increasing conversion, by reaching out to qualified leads as soon as a specific score in lead qualification has been, growing the business faster rather than investing in personnel to employ and train for this task, and save time and money outsourcing lead qualification.

    Magellan Solutions’ Best Value Lead Qualification Services

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