Medical claims processing eats up much of your time and manpower. Spend these precious resources on your core activities, outsource now! Leave us an inquiry and our development team will get back at you.

What is medical claims processing?

Medical claims processing is done when an insured person, who recently receives health care, requests that the bill for the services acquired be forwarded to designated a payer, usually a health insurance company.

Why should you outsource your medical claims process?

Many problems may arise when medical claims processing is not handled by experts. Aside from being very costly, it also takes a lot of well-trained personnel to make sure that your billing request will not be denied. In-order for your company to not face these problems, outsourcing would be the right thing to do.

Outsourcing on this service will also allow you to have access to important services such as:

  • Verification of the patient’s insurance
  • Medical claims document managing
  • Medical claims auditing
  • Settlement of accounts and cash disbursement

What should you look for in a medical claims service provider?

Here are some things you need to look for when choosing the company to which you will entrust you medical claims processing services:

  • HIPAA and ISO certification
  • Competitive pricing
  • Clean and Outstanding track record
  • Competent workforce

Is it safe to outsource your medical claims process?

Of course, it is safe! Outsourcing on your medical claims processing services will allow you to have access to a team of professionals who are skilled in catering to client’s needs.

Moreover, being HIPAA and ISO certified means that the company is credible and your patient’s personal data will be safe and secured.

Outsource Medical Claims Processing Services

You can count on Magellan Solutions to take care of all your medical claims processing services with ease and competence. With our company’s 15 years in this industry, we understand our client’s needs, and we will see to it that all requirements are completely taken care of.


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