Overflow Call Center Services

When you are in peak demand, calls overflow. Incoming calls can no longer be catered accordingly, or there is a long queue time. Overflow call center services can address this problem by transferring unanswered calls from one group to another. Avoiding lost of customers.


Why Outsource Overflow Calls to a Call Center?


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Experience an up-to-date system that automatically forward calls when it isn’t answered after a few rings or if the line is unavailable.

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We are here to help you serve your customers any time of the day! Our 24/7 customer support service will increase your level of reliability as it will make them feel that you are a trustworthy brand.

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Looking to outsource overflow call center services? Our skilled people can help you handle calls the same way you do. We equip them with the wisdom and guidelines to meet your standard of excellence.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an overflow answering service?

    An overflow answering service addresses a problem in an increase in call volume that can no longer be handled by the internal staff. It can transfer calls to an outsource provider to accommodate the peak in calls. An overflow answering service cater calls to prevent a loss of business opportunities by attending to the needs of the customers as soon as possible without having to wait for a long queue during peak hours.

    What is the importance of having an overflow answering service?

    Having an overflow answering service is important to any business for this will handle an increase in call volumes hence keeping customers instead of missing their calls and losing them in the process. This will also save a lot of time and money instead of hiring and training new staff to address the increase of incoming calls. An overflow call center answering service is also available 24 hours a day to ensure that even after hours or during holidays, queries are answered.

    What are the benefits to outsource to a call center?

    There are many benefits to outsource to a call center. Aside from saving time and money by not hiring additional staff to receive calls, this will increase customer service, therefore also increasing profit to the company. Calls are also handled even after hours and when a disaster occurs in the office, contracting an outsource service provider is an effective means to ensure business continuity.

    When do you need an overflow answering service?

    You need an overflow answering service when there are overflow of calls that can disrupt business operations. Long call holding times is also bad for business. Clients will opt to put the phone down instead of waiting for the availability of the staff. These problems will be addressed when hiring an overflow answering service. Excess calls are transferred to outsource and will be handled per instruction from the business owners.

    Call Center Overflow Answering Service

    Magellan Solutions is a call center overflow answering service that will provide excellent service to every client’s customers. Clients will never have to miss a call or a business opportunity when there is a high call volume as Magellan Solutions can ensure this by providing as many operators or agents as needed to meet the demands of the business. We also offer a 24 hour customer support so you will not miss any business opportunities. Feel free to contact us should you have questions and we will be happy to be of service to you.