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Your business should never sleep. Accept and manage reservations even when you are busy at work or sleeping at night. Guided by our customer service principles, we guarantee to make the booking simpler to your customers and cheaper for your business. Create your call center team with us!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Reservation Call Center

    A reservation call center takes care of the reservation needs of customers in a timely and efficient fashion. Its main function also includes customer assistance, rebooking, rescheduling, refunding, etc.

    What Types Of Business Need A Reservation Call Center?

    Business under the tourism sector usually need a reservation call center. It includes the following:

    • Hotels
    • Travel agencies
    • Restaurants
    • Resorts
    • Spa and wellness
    • Car rental business
    • Limo, etc.

    Because of modern technology, reservations are made easier. Customers can come in, book reservations during wee hours or after office hours. Don't miss out!

    What Are The Advantage of Outsourcing Call Reservations

    For the hotel industry

    Here are the benefits that you can get from a hotel reservations call center.

    • Enhanced customer experience delivered by inbound call center agents who are knowledgeable in inquiry handling and issue resolution.
    • Easier booking process.
    • Support for customers who need to reschedule, refund, or cancel a reservation.
    • 24/7 call center operation
    • Cost effective call center package that will suit your budget
    • Keep in mind that providing quality custom

    For Travel Agencies

    Customers are on the lookout for fraudulent travel agencies. A service provider that will handle all inquiries and issues professionally can breed trust among your customers.

    For the Aviation Industry

    Aside from driving down costs, outsourcing reservations allows you to:

    Be in control and get more work done.

    • Easier booking process
    • Cater to all customers needs the way you want it: hospitable, warm, and friendly
    • Increase efficiency

    For Limo or Car Rental Companies

    Getting a call center for your limo service business lets you meet your customers' expectations the moment they contact you. A professional agent can assure them that you can provide a safe, comfortable, and stress-free travel.

    Outsource Your Reservations Call Center In The Philippines

    Get the ability to manage all reservations and improve your customer service.

    Our goal is to enhance your customers' experience with your business. To do that, we cover the entire spectrum of customer service which includes:

    • Accepting reservations
    • Providing customer support
    • Rescheduling
    • Managing refunds and cancellations
    • Improving problem resolution

    What Is The Cost Of Your Reservation Service?

    It depends. We calculate our costs based on the number of people you need and the length of the contract. We also consider the agent expertise and the labor market rate. To know more, click the button below.