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As of 2019, almost half of the world’s population are engaged in at least one type of social media platform. Try to engage this huge population of potential customers, outsource on social media call centers now. Leave us a message and let us help you increase your business reach.

What is a social media call center?

Social media call center is a service in which social media platforms are used to advertise businesses. The main goal of this advertising method is to tap on a huge sum of social media users and introduce to them your products and services.

It is an emerging business marketing strategy which has been recently showing good results and high yields.

What services does a social media call center provide?

Social media call centers provide the same call center services, however the medium is through social media. Here are some of the services they provide

-Quick response to customer requests and queries regarding your products and services

-B2C Lead generation services to increase customer acquisition

-B2B Lead generation services to increase business partners

What are the benefits of outsourcing social media services from a call center?

-Save-up on money and time

Gain instant access to professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of online marketing; training your own people is no longer needed

How can social media marketing promote our business?

The domain of social media is a pool of a huge number of potential customers. With the use of social media marketing, your products and services will be made known to social media netizens, thus these potential buyers will know the existence of your products.

How can we generate leads through social media?

Some social media platforms allow reviewing of the list of users who liked certain products. This paves way for you to review possible customers of similar products from different brands.

Is social media the solution to bad customer service?

Yes it can be. With the proliferation of the influence of social media, it can be a suitable medium to deliver outstanding customer services. Aside from being a gathering of a huge number of business prospects, it also allows for transmission of different information through varying channels. Thus it can increase the quality of services provided to the clients.

Outsource Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer service is the new trend of service delivery today. It will be in your best interest to venture in this marketing strategy to increase your business reach and become globally competitive. Magellan solutions have professional agents who are experts in social media marketing. With our 15 years of experience, you can depend on us to market your products to as many people possible.


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