Outsource Veterinary Reminder Services

  • Automated and human-operated veterinary service.
  • A cost-efficient option for veterinarians who want to reduce no-show rates.
  • Reach clients using various communication channels: email, text messaging, answering machine, or push notifications.

What is a veterinary reminder service?

This service assists veterinarian clinics in reminding pet owners to go on their scheduled appointment. With the help of offshore call center, clinics can save more time dealing with missed appointments, prevent double scheduling, and increase revenue.

How do veterinary reminder call services work?

Call centers send automated call reminders to pet owners regarding the upcoming schedule of their pet’s check-ups, vaccinations, medication, and other related appointments.


Who needs veterinary reminder call services?

Every veterinary clinic is advised to avail of this service. Availing this service will help you decrease the number of missed appointments in case you have clients who are also too busy to remember their schedules.

What are the benefits of outsourcing this service?

  • Outsourcing is a cost-effective method for acquiring extra manpower. Hiring extra personnel for sending reminders to your clients can be expensive; not to mention the training they have to undergo. When you outsource, you spend less and save more.
  • Your hired agents are skilled in handling different types of clients. You can assure that the customers are reminded well and are taken care of just the way you want the service to be.
  • Outsourcing will lighten your workload. You no longer need to worry about your clients missing your schedule and you can put your undivided attention to your patients currently in your clinic. Leave reminders to your hired agents.
  • Increase your revenue. By making sure your clients are reminded of their appointments, the likelihood of missed schedules is decreased.

What to look for in a service provider?

Looking for the right service provider is difficult and tricky. There are many things that you should take into account and here are some of them

  • Make sure the service provider is credible and trustworthy. Review their track record and ask regarding their way of delivering services from their other clients. Also make sure they have a clean history in handling this type of service.
  • Find a company that offers a cheaper price for the same, if not better, quality of services. Try outsourcing on service providers from the Philippines such as Magellan Solutions who is known to provide great services for a low price.
  • Find certifications such as ISO and HIPAA certificates. These certificates mean that the service provider can be trusted.

Outsource Veterinary Reminders In The Philippines

Available in different channels, a veterinary reminder service can assist you in reminding fur moms and dads to take their fur babies to your clinic. Using positive scripting, we can help you create messages that would encourage them to have their pets in check.

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