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What is a video chat call center?

Video chat call centers have similar goals with other call centers. However the channel in which the services are delivered are through live video chats instead of the conventional means. Through this, all of the customer’s queries are attended through face-to-face real-time video calls.

What are the scopes and limitations of a video chat support?

A video chat support should only be used to attend to matters as dictated by your company. The questions accepted, and the answers delivered will be controlled by your company.

This means that limitations are already predetermined by your company to guide the course of the agent’s service delivery.

What are the pros and cons of using live video chat in customer service?

  • Information delivery is instant; every instruction is received by your customers in a similar manner to conversing with agents face-to-face.
  • Customers understand better the information relayed by the agents
  • Customers who are more comfortable with this channel tend to become more satisfied and build more confidence in your company.
  • Adding live video chat customer service does not really warrant any significant drawbacks. Aside from exerting effort in finding a reliable service provider for live video chat support, this service does not carry any negative effects to your company.

Is technical support through video chat effective?

Yes it is! This channel is even considered to be more effective than some of the other channels. However it’s not a very popular medium for service provision.

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