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The field of health is one of the most important sectors in our society. Be always ready for times of emergencies and never miss a call from your patients. Call us and let’s discuss how we could help you.

What is a healthcare call center?

The health care call center is a call center specifically created for the very busy phone lines of health care providers. This service is an essential tool for easing the burden of healthcare providers by removing the hassle of having to deal with a large number of patient calls.

What are the healthcare call center services?

  • Accept and handle huge volumes of incoming calls 24/7
  • Manage your patient's prescriptions and records easily through organized information handling
  • Assess patient's compliance with medication and a real-time update on the patient's in-house condition
  • Direct collection of finances from patients

Who needs healthcare call services?

All Healthcare agencies should avail of this service. Having your own professional team to attend to your patients’ calls will increase the quality of the services you provide. This increases the patient’s trust and satisfaction.

Why outsource healthcare call center services?

  • Hassle-free and Stress-free, you won’t have to train your own employees on the specifics of this job. Your hired agents are well-trained and skilled in this field.
  • Cheaper than hiring your own employee
  • 24/7 answering service availability

How much do call center services for healthcare costs?

Many factors affect the cost of availing healthcare services

  • Number of seats hired
  • The level of expertise of the agent you wish to hire
  • Location of your business
  • Additional services you wish to avail

What to look for in a healthcare call center service provider?

  • HIPAA and ISO certified this ensures that the agents you hire are reliable and competent
  • Make sure the company has a clean and competent track record
  • Competitive pricing without compromising the quality of services

Outsource To A Philippine Healthcare Call Center

Entrusting your healthcare call center services to a Filipino company is definitely a great move. Filipinos are known to be competent and hospitable when it comes to providing services.

Magellan Solutions is an all-Filipino company who has been in this line of business for 14 years now. It has continued to provide excellent quality services and maintain a level of service delivery that satisfies the clients.


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