What is transcription outsourcing?

Transcription outsourcing is an act of hiring someone to make transcripts for you. Outsourcing on transcription services is often done because this task is time-consuming and great attention to detail is needed. This allows a business to have better record keeping and increased functionality by having a well-made and complete transcript.

There are two types of transcription services that are often outsourced, medical transcription – transcripts created for the purpose of medical records and guidelines, and legal transcription – transcripts created for legal purposes such as copies of legal interviews and court hearing records.

How does an outsourced transcription service work?

Outsourcing transcription services work by allowing your hired transcriber to go through your recorded audio and create a competently built transcription of the voice record.

Top reasons to outsource transcription?

  • Your hired transcriber is expected to have high caliber listening skills compared to normal individuals, thus the resulting transcript will be complete down to the last detail
  • The cost-effective way to acquire a transcript
  • Fast transcript turnover so you don’t have to worry about deadlines
  • Your transcript will be competently built; it will be complete and easy to read.

What are the possible drawbacks of outsourcing transcription services?

  • You might have to do thorough research on the company that you are going to entrust your transcripts to, make sure that the service provider you choose is trustworthy and credible.
  • Personal and sensitive details might get leaked if your transcriber is incompetent or unprofessional, so making sure they are credible before you give out your records is a must.

Fast and Reliable Transcription Outsourcing Services

For a fast, reliable and cheap transcription, you might want to outsource this service from the service providers in the Philippines. The Philippines have well-known outsourcing companies that offer transcription services such as Magellan Solutions. Magellan Solutions have been in this industry for 15 years already, and it has never failed to provide quality and above satisfactory services


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