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What is an accountant?

An accountant is a professional who is an expert in handling matters where the money is concerned. They serve as a financial backbone for your business and they regulate and oversee the processes and flow of everything that has a monetary value. They usually work behind the scenes and support the company all-year-round.

Why hire an accountant?

Your company’s financial records say much about the overall condition and status of your business. To monitor its progress and ensure its security you will have to hire an accountant for your company. With a competent accountant working for you, you will have a real-time update on the condition of your finances.

When do I outsource accounting management?

Outsource right at the get-go! Don’t wait for any further and ensure that you are given accurate and full reports regarding your finances. Having an accountant right from the start will give you more confidence in running your business since you are given regular and accurate updates on your finances. This also gives you more time to prepare for and find a solution for presenting problems that may occur.

Do I Need an Accountant or CPA?

Yes of course! Businesses both big and small will need the help of someone who is an expert in handling finances. Having the right financial reports is very important for your company, accuracy will help you distinguish which parts of your company produces large amounts of revenues and which part incurs losses; there is no better way to acquire a competently built financial report than having an accountant.

How much should an accountant cost for a small business?

The cost of hiring accountants for small businesses usually ranges from 15,000-35,000 depending on the level of expertise of the accountant you want to hire.

Reasons to Hire an accountant

  • Secure accurate reports on your finances
  • Deal with problems more efficiently by having an insight on which aspects of your business need more attention
  • Determine causes of losses as well as delinquent obligations and apply target solutions to these problems
  • Analysis of the trend of finances and determine the best course of action possible
  • Compute taxes due to be paid, prepare the budget for tax returns and ensure prompt payment

Different services an accountant does

  • Review statements and make sure they are accurate
  • Counter check the validity of statements and make sure they are made adherent to the existing laws and regulations
  • Handle taxes from computation to payment
  • Organize and secure financial records
  • Provide useful recommendations to the company management for the betterment of financial conditions
  • Provide alternatives to reduce cost and enhance profit generation

Different accounting soft wares used in accounting

There are many accounting soft wares currently in the market today. They have different strengths and weaknesses and it usually depends on which software best caters to the needs of the user. Here are some of the most popular softwares

  • FreshBooks, an easy-to-use and user-friendly software that is almost complete in terms of functions
  • Sage 50Cloud, combines the features of a desktop application to the accessibility of the “cloud” system
  • NetSuite ERP specializes in customer relationship management

Why hire an accountant in the Philippines

The Philippines have been known to offer competitive manpower at a cheaper price. In the field of accounting core competency is a focused area of improvement in the Philippines, and so far, producing reliable and credible accountants have been a huge success.

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