Hire Debt Collectors in the Philippines

Collecting debts can be a burden to your business; thus, payments must be diligently collected. This can take much of your time, especially with delinquent accounts. It is recommended to hire debt collector to do the job for you so that you can spend your precious time with your family and friends.

What is a debt collector?

A debt collector is either a business company or an agency that focuses on recovering money from individuals or a group of people that have delinquent accounts. Some businesses hire debt collectors and tap their services to take charge of collecting the money owed. While some work for a company, others are debt buyers.

Why Hire a debt collector?

There is a need to hire a debt collector primarily to save time and resources in collecting the owed money from delinquent accounts. Since debt collecting is a long process, you need the service of a debt collector to do the collection process for you. They track down people who have overdue accounts and negotiate for a payment plan to ensure payment.

How much it cost?

The cost to pay if you hire debt collectors may depend on the amount collected. Usually, they charge between 20-45% depending on your agreement. At times, they charge a fixed fee per account. Before you hire a debt collector, you must have knowledge of how to hire a debt collector and to understand how they operate.

Reasons to hire

To hire debt collectors, you have to do your own research. But first, you need to do a background check on the credibility of a debt collector service provider. In Magellan Solutions, our credibility is backed up by more than 10 years of existence in the industry with over a hundred satisfied clients. To know more about us and to get a quote, kindly leave us a message so we can discuss details with you.


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