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What is a design engineer?

A design engineer specializes in the art of designing. This type of engineer is capable of working with other engineering disciplines to support the establishment of an appropriate design. A design engineer is not limited to just a single engineering principle, he/she is capable of making designs for mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and systems engineering.

Why hire a design engineer?

Having a designer for only a specific field will be a hassle in the long run. To ensure that your company runs smoothly and efficiently, you should be able to adjust to the ever-growing needs of your business. What more effective way is there than having a design engineer working for you? With the help of a design engineer, you will be able to have an expert to give you a draft of the things that would help your business run better. You no longer need to ask advice from different specialists; your Design Engineer can serve as a one-man-designer for everything that you need.

How much it cost to hire an engineer?

The cost of hiring a design engineer differs with respect to the level of expertise of the design engineer you are forming a contract with. However, the price usually falls between 25,000-100,000

Reasons to hire an engineer in PH

  • Philippines have a cheaper cost of living and thus the manpower produced is also significantly cheaper compared to foreign competitors
  • Despite the cheaper cost, design engineers from the Philippines are competitive and do not fall behind compared to their foreign counterparts
  • Hiring is hassle-free

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