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What is a devops engineer?

A DevOps engineer is an engineer who is knowledgeable about the steps of the lifecycle of software development. He/She should be able to easily distinguish which phase of development your project is currently in. This helps the team oversee the whole project better.

A DevOps engineer, does not necessarily write the codes used by the systems engineer, however, the DevOps engineer should be someone who is also an expert on codes to be able to act as a conduit between the IT personnel and the developers.

Why hire devops engineer?

If you want your codes to be released efficiently then you will definitely need the help of a DevOps engineer. With rapid code release, there will be ample tie for re-checking and quickly incorporate feedback. This will pave the way for overcoming the limitations of traditional models of handling codes.

How much it cost to hire an engineer?

DevOps engineers are a somewhat rare occupation. Hiring one would most likely cost you 35,000-140,000 due to the demands despite their low population. The cost for hiring however depends on the level of expertise the DevOps engineer has.

Reasons to hire an engineer in PH

  • Philippines offer cheaper manpower despite the high-caliber DevOps engineers they produce
  • Decrease software failures as well as the amount of time used for fixing software issues
  • Hassle-free hiring, Filipino engineers practice proper work ethics and are willing to learn and adjust to their employer’s demands

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