Outsource a Virtual Team in the Philippines

Looking for a team to help you with your company work? Why not hire a virtual team? With more flexibility and lower cost, a virtual team could be just what you need!

What is a Virtual Team?

A virtual team is a group of individuals that work in different physical locations and sometimes different time zones. They usually communicate with each other through email, video call, chat, or other modes of technologic communication.

Why Hire a Virtual Team?

There are many advantages to hiring a virtual team. Here are a few!

Greater Availability of Talent

Hiring a virtual team means you are able to hire employees outside the city where the office is located. You will no longer be restricted to the talents available in the city. It is even possible to hire workers from other countries.

Lower Salary Cost

If you hire a virtual team from countries such as the Philippines, this will greatly lower the salary cost. This is because the cost of living in the Philippines isn’t as high as countries such as the U.S. or Australia. Thus, you are able to hire talented, hard-working teams at a much lower cost!

Lower Office Cost

Having an office means having to pay for electricity and water bills, as well as rent and other costs. Fortunately, members of your virtual team don’t have to meet physically in an office. This means you can save money on office costs.

How much does it cost to hire a virtual team?

The cost to hire a virtual team largely depends on the country they’re from. Hiring from places like Europe, the U.S., or Australia, will cost much more compared to hiring from countries like the Philippines. This is due to the difference in the cost of living. While a single virtual assistant from the U.S. will ask for an average of $18-$35/ hour, a virtual assistant from the Philippines will only cost $6-$8/hour up to $14/hour for a skilled VA.

Reasons to Hire a Virtual Team in the Philippines

Because the cost of living in the Philippines is not as high as countries in the west, hiring a virtual team from the Philippines will cost much less. The Philippines is also full of competent and dependable individuals which makes them perfect candidates for your virtual team!

Magellan Solutions is a company based in the Philippines. We, at Magellan Solutions, guarantee 100% satisfaction when hiring our qualified agents as part of your virtual team. Contact us now to learn more!


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