[Infographic] Why Choose The Philippines?

061713-Philippines-BPO-INFOGRAPHICSCreated by: Ella Pinili and Jon Borillo

4 thoughts on “[Infographic] Why Choose The Philippines?

  1. Interesting facts, its fantastic that the marketing has swung around in favor of the Philippines, but we still have major issues issues that have to be addressed and that is something that continues to be a thorn in our side, that is the strengthening of training.

    There are too many BPO organisations that do not thoroughly solve this issue, instead they use band aid solutions that waste time and money. Clients I have spoken to often comment on how often agents have problems with understanding their clients (conveyance and thought processing) which is the number one turn off for our outsourcing clients.

    This should be addressed properly through the Philippine education system along with the BPO industry. They know its a problem, but are too greedy in most cases to invest in solving such an issue.

    If we cannot resolve and deliver on such issues, (becoming consistent), the Philippine market share will start to shrink, and go to other countries that are taking note and investing in such educational programs…..*China being one of them)

    Is this something we want to see? (by the way this is not an attack on your organisation, its simply an observation that I have seen and reported numerous times throughout the BPO ).

    I don’t want to see our BPO industry loose ground, I want them to address such issues and expand their market share.

  2. I found this topic very informative and interesting. Its nice to have blog like this focusing on the reasons why should we choose Philippines when it comes to good customer service. Thank you for sharing.


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