Businesses need repeat clients to grow. These days, customers are identifying the most appropriate channel to choose and to buy a product. The recent ATG research study reveals that 30% of customers use three or more channels for a single transaction.

Even with the convenience provided by the Internet and the emergence of mobile marketing, data still reveal customers employing the most traditional means – store visit and customer service – for their buying decisions. Customers turn to customer support if they cannot locate a store, they have inquiries, or want someone to help them with their purchase.

Call centers, with their set of processes and technology infrastructure, usually offer these common types of customer contact services – Telephone, E-mail and Live Chat. Here are the advantages of each:

Telephone Support

1.    Offers real-time 24/7 support
2.    Personable – customers feel at ease with friendly voices
3.    Builds trust, professionalism and credibility
4.    The best platform for providing detailed information
5.    Provides opportunity to up-sell (if applicable)

E-mail Support

1.    Inexpensive
2.    Provides documented solution to issues or concerns
3.    Recordable
4.    No need for 24/7 support
5.    No need for voice-based agents to answer

Live Chat Support

1.    Inexpensive customer support
2.    Personable – customers feel welcome because it’s casual
3.    Creates trust and credibility
4.    Saves time
5.    No need for voice-based agents to answer

How your customers reach out to your business depend on their choice of communication. Setting up multiple channels is recommended because you cover the support systems that are considered comfortable and effective for them.