by Arthur Kevin Rabago

What recruitment or hiring “best practices” have you found in your career, whether with a company or a staffing firm? As a corollary, what are the worst practices have you encountered?

In my experience as talent acquisition consultant, here are the things I have observed:

Best Practices
1) Transparency with regard to the job’s duties and responsibilities
2) Managing the candidate’s expectations by giving the pro’s and cons of the job
3) The employment contract is clearly worded, with well-documented employment terms and conditions
4) Candidates are given proper on-boarding orientation, and partnered with mentors to ensure that the candidate is assimilated to the organization in the best possible time
5) Honesty in providing feedback to a candidate’s application

Worst Practices
1) Candidates are treated only as a means to an end
2) Candidates are given false hopes by exaggerating and embellishing the job’s true scope
3) The employment contract is poorly and vaguely worded, and the benefits are verbally committed – but not included in the contract
4) Candidates are plugged into their tasks without proper guidance and orientation
5) Candidates are not informed of the true status of their application (i.e. the position is already closed, but the recruiter informs the candidate that he or she is “still under consideration”)

Many times I have come across consultants who are merely “Yes” men to clients. They accept any assignment given to them by clients without analyzing the requirement, making market research on current rates, giving any consideration on the availability of these skills or doing a background check on the client’s reputation particularly previous relationships with other companies.

The same goes with some job applicants I met. I have perused thousands of applications, with the goal of separating the best candidates from the not-so-good ones. Many top providers engaged in inbound call center and outbound call center services have been employing the best hiring practices to attract the finest workforce. They understand the efficiency that comes with these practices full well, and that by integrating them into their work, they see stellar results at the earliest possible time.