Our Onboarding Process

Magellan Solutions' onboarding process focuses on six elements: clients' needs, customized processes, best-fit candidates, training, quality analysis, and an efficient call center working process.

Our comprehensive client onboarding checklist strives to give quality service on Day 1. Through meticulous methodology, we develop custom-fit solutions that will help you address some of your business barriers.

Magellan's Client Onboarding Process flow

We do each step with your best intentions in mind

Call Center Process – Business Development

1. Business Development

Know your business and its process

Our Business Development team will be in close communication with you (through phone or email) to know your specific needs and requirements. To get a 360-view of your business, calls usually take 70-90 minutes. Other call centers take 20-30 minutes. We got the extra mile to understand your business. Once done, all clients are introduced to Implementations Department.

Call Center Process – Implementations Group

2. Implementations

Project management and preparations

Unique to Magellan Solutions, the Implementations Department will interpret and determine the factors that will make your campaign successful.

Business development & implementations


Call Center Process – Pre-launch

3. Pre-launch

Prepare physical & technical aspects of the campaign


Our recruitment team will look for candidates who meet your qualifications:

  • ● Agent level (Tier 1,2,3)
  • ● Industry Knowledge
  • ● Language/s Spoken

To make sure that we hire the best agents, our recruitment team hires twice (sometimes even three times) the number of your required staff. These candidates will then be filtered and ranked during the training period - giving you quality hires without additional cost. The perfect example of quality and quantity. 


Before training the new hires, our trainers undergo rigorous training and acquire certifications to make sure that they are effective in transferring all the necessary information about your business.

Through our comprehensive training programs, we will make sure that all agents acquire the know-how in handling the customer service or sales part of your business 

  • ● Foundational skills training (FST) - it includes accent-reduction, grammar, customer service, customer-centric behavior, active listening, and role-playing
  • ● Product-specific training (PST) - focuses on the technical requirements of the campaign

We also conduct pre-training and post-training assessments to determine the skills level of an agent.

Quality Assurance Scorecard Development

Our quality assurance process guides us to meet your requirements. But we do not stop there. We go beyond what you expect from us. Our Quality Assurance department does the following:

  • ● Validate your current process.
  • ● Craft our KPIs based on your expectations.
  • ● Come up with certain parameters around the process to know if agents do it correctly.
  • ● Give input to improve the quality of your service.
  • ● Come up with ways to measure your specific requirements based on the improvements that you need when handling calls.
  • ● At the beginning of the campaign, our QA team listens to 10-20% of the calls. During the post-implementation, they do it for 5-10% of call.

Our Methodology

We listen to your previous calls. After that, we will assess the areas that need improvement so we can apply them in the campaign.

IT, NOC Telecoms Integration

Our dedicated network operations center (NOC) Department will determine the bandwidth that your campaign requires to operate. They also make sure to have everything set up before going live - from PC to software.


Our hands-on Program Supervisors, team leaders, and implementations team will oversee the success of the onboarding of your campaign.



Call Center Process -Go-live

4. Go-live

Operation of your campaign begins

Magellan's methodology focuses on setting expectations, monitoring, evaluation, and coaching.

We use various call center technology to enhance the efficiency of our agents.

Call Center Process – Incubation Stage

5. Incubation Stage

Test the effectiveness of your campaign

During the incubation stage, we will test the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • ● Continuous monitoring 
  • ● Identification of gaps
  • ● Iteration of moving parts
  • ● Regular feedback sessions
  • ● Business reviews
Call Center Process – Growth, Expansion & Stability

6. Growth, Expansion, and Stability

After six months of working with us, we will continue to look into how we can help you grow and expand

Training, Quality assurance, IT integration


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