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Quality Assurance

With respect to service levels, discussion with clients on the agreement for the following:

Specific metrics for Magellan’s agents, which will vary depending on the type and complexity of the work to be performed;
Time frames for achievement, which also will vary depending on the type and complexity of the work to be performed; and
Corrective and remedial measures, including service credits, to be implemented in the event of unachieved targets.

Magellan is currently incorporating the Six Sigma methods to improve employee overall performance. Employee promotions will be dependent on performance statistics, quality assurance evaluations, team effectiveness, values and character. Magellan’s quality assurance specialists will conduct call barging – listening to a predetermined number of each agent’s calls, chosen at random, in an effort to monitor and rate those calls in accordance with a standard checklist of service criteria. Agents will be graded on the basis of whether they are courteous, polite and grammatically correct in their conversations with callers, and their performance will be recorded and discussed in periodic, formal evaluations.

As a quality assurance backstop, in the contact solutions context, Magellan Solutions will encourage the client to conduct its own call barges to hear firsthand how Magellan Solutions’ agents handle customer calls.

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