Outsource 3D Drafting Services

It’s difficult when you have a design in mind but don’t have the skill or the software required to produce it digitally. Luckily, you can actually outsource 3D drawing services!

What is 3D drafting?

3D drafting is also called 3D drawing or 3D computer-aided design (CAD). This involves creating a design using computer software.

3D drafting makes it easier to design compared to building real-life models since it is easier to add or remove parts of the design and at the same time, wastes no materials. 3D drafting also involves taking manually drawn designs and turning them into 3D models on the computer.

Why should you outsource 3D drafting services?

Saves Time

Outsourcing 3D drafting services means hiring someone to do the 3D drafting for you and freeing yourself up to focus on other tasks. This is especially helpful when you have deadlines to meet and not enough manpower to do them all.

Costs Less

When you outsource 3D drafting services, you only pay for the finished product. This means you won’t have to hire a regular worker and pay a regular salary. This greatly reduces the cost!

How much do outsourced drafting services cost in offshore locations?

In the Philippines, the cost of living is not as high compared to western countries like the USA. The salary is lower and so outsourcing services from the Philippines will not cost as much as outsourcing from other countries.

While there are many variables that determine the cost such as the length of the contract or government laws, outsourcing from Philippine companies such as Magellan Solutions still comes out cheaper!

Outsource Your 3D Drafting Processes in The Philippines

Magellan Solutions is a company based in the Philippines. Here, we guarantee quick, accurate, high-quality output at a much lower cost. Contact us to avail of our 3D drafting services now!

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