Interactive Voice Response System

IVR represents 27% of the total call experience. But poorly-designed IVR frustrates customers, causing them to hang up their phones. When you outsource IVR support, catering to a volume of customers’ concerns without the long waiting time is possible. Find out what our service can do for you.

FAQs About IVR

1What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone system technology that processes incoming calls 24 hours a day. It gathers the required data and direct calls without the need for a live operator. Customers can interact through the touch-tone keypad selection or voice telephone input.
2What are the Benefits of using a Call Center IVR?
You can reduce cost and increase efficiency in your business when you outsource IVR support to a call center. Our first-class IVR software enables us to route calls within a short period of time. When the right agent answers call every time, it reduces frustration and improves the customer support experience.
3How Do Full-Service IVR Solutions Maximize Revenue?
Imagine, when you keep your customers happy, you lower overhead like marketing costs. Full-Service IVR Solutions can maximize your company’s revenue by lowering the cost of customer management.
4How Does a Call Center implement IVRs?
An experienced IVR outsourcing services company meets all the required business integrations. Magellan integrates important features like text-to-speech integration and professional voice-over artists, among others. Scripts are prepared an user funnel is made so that every single concern of a customer is well addressed.
5Which Company Is Best To Outsource IVR?
Magellan Solutions, an all Filipino company, offers the best flexible call center outsourcing services to suit your needs. We deliver comprehensive call center IVR support using our advanced phone systems. To get a quote, send us an inquiry by filling out the form below.


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