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Outsource 3D Modeling in the Philippines

In this modern-day and age, 3D modeling has become somewhat of a necessity when planning or showcasing a product. Don’t fall behind your competitors, outsource 3D modeling today!

What are the applications of 3D modeling?

When someone mentions 3D modeling, most people think of videogames and animated films. However, 3D modeling is actually used for many other things!

It can be used in architecture where 2D drawings are converted to 3D models for better presentation. 3D models can also be used to plan projects such as buildings or manufactured products because it’s easier to erase and make edits.

Which industries need 3D modeling services?

Because 3D modeling has a wide number of applications, it can be utilized by a lot of industries. Here are a few.

Film Animation and Gaming

3D modeling is especially useful for film and animation companies as well as video-game companies. This is because it is used to create the characters, buildings, and scenery for animated films and video-games. But manufacturing companies also benefit greatly from 3D modeling services.

Marketing and Advertising

Car companies would sometimes want to announce and advertise certain cars that are still in production. This gives their customers time to plan and save up if they wish to purchase the car.

Creating a 3D model of the car makes it possible to advertise the car even though the cars are still in production. 3D models also make it easier to explain certain features of the car that are normally hidden from view. This generates more interest in the product and thus, more customers.


Having a 3D model of the building is certainly a better way to show your clients what the finished project would look like! Drawings can sometimes look more complicated since it is on a flat plane. However, with 3D modeling, you can show your clients the building at many different angles; even from the inside!

Why should you outsource 3D modeling services?

The software used for 3D modeling can be costly especially the good ones. It is also difficult to find someone who is skillful enough to provide 3D modeling services. When you outsource this service to reputable companies such as Magellan Solutions, you unburden yourself from the task of looking for a skilled professional. You can also save money on regular salaries and software costs.

How much does Outsourcing cost compared to in-house service?

Setting up an in-house service means you have to pay a regular salary regardless of how often you avail of this service. You also have to purchase the right equipment and software needed to effectively create 3D models.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, is much cheaper because you only pay for the finished product. No need to pay for regular salaries and equipment and software costs as well as maintenance.

Outsource 3D Modeling Services To Us

Magellan Solutions provides excellent service at a lower price compared to companies in the west. Here, we are able to guarantee your satisfaction by assigning skilled and experienced 3D modelers to do the job. Outsource 3D modeling services now!

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