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12 Creative Use of Predictive Analysis in BPO Philippines

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 22, 2024

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Here’s how BPO Philippines leverages predictive Analysis to enhance their service delivery


BPO Philippines is making use of innovative technologies like AI, machine learning, speech analytics, and especially predictive analytics. This is for them to provide more comprehensive support for companies that outsource to the Philippines.
BPO companies in Metro Manila use these technologies to improve customer support experience and boost agent productivity and efficiency.

What is Predictive Analysis

This is the branch of advanced data analytics that makes predictions based on historical data in combination with data mining techniques, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Outsourcing companies use predictive analysis to identify patterns, risks, and opportunities.

This is especially helpful for call center companies, as they gather useful data from conversations with customers. Examples include text from chat and emails, voice patterns, and tonal changes during calls.

Creative Application of Predictive Analysis in the BPO Philippines Landscape


The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines leverages predictive analysis to provide clients with data-driven support. This also provides clients with insights that help in their decision-making.

Here are the following of its creative applications:

Application #1: Improves Customer Retention Rate

A client in the WordPress space with a SaaS plugin. During a review of their support department, they discovered the following distinction among their clients:

  1. Clients who got in touch by phone had a better overall retention rate as opposed to clients who only used emails
  2. Clients who contacted contact support outsourced from BPO Philippines also stayed longer

Predictive analysis helps BPO companies in the Philippines to be as responsive and provide satisfying support to customers to earn their trust and loyalty. It also helps companies that outsource to the Philippines to simplify the process of transitioning from email to live calls.

This, in turn, resulted in a retention rate and lifetime value of each customer of at least 5% to 6%.

Application #2: Track the Success of the Marketing Campaign

This has been useful for the financial sector. Predictive analysis is used for tracking purposes. In particular, whether people are buying off due to a marketing campaign. This is for early projection on how a particular campaign will succeed.
Even without using the number of calls they receive or not receiving within the campaign’s duration.

The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines uses predictive analysis, particularly speech mining software, to track phrases about a particular marketing strategy.

Application #3: Success Prediction of a Follow-Up Call

Predictive analysis provides a great boost for BPO companies in Metro Manila that focus on how they deliver services to clients worldwide.

This has been useful for predicting the success of a follow-up call and has proven its capability to determine customer intent effectively.

This is possible through the analysis of the following:

  • Customer buying history
  • Words and phrases they use and their frequency in the conversation
  • Number of times a call center calls the customers for a follow-up or vice versa

The predictive analysis provided companies outsourcing to the Philippines with contact support to determine if a follow-up call would lead to a sale. This helps agents focus on leads or customers likely to make a sale.

Application #4: Speech Pattern to Enhance Customer Experience

Speech analytics is one of the most used forms of predictive analysis, and it greatly helps BPO Philippines enhance its services, especially as a top destination for voice services.
For this particular solution, it is a tool that analyzes the tone, pacing, and hold times of both the agents and customers. Also taken into consideration are the following:

  • Who is talking over the other, agent or customer or vice versa
  • How often
  • What’s being said

These bits of information give call center agents consistent feedback on each call. This helps them pinpoint which practice works best when dealing with irate, flat-out mad, or simply rude customers.

Application #5: Conversational Bots to Influence Personalized Decisions

Conversational AI is a key player in the outsourcing industry, especially for contact support centers.

Machine learning and predictive analysis assist in evaluating behavioral patterns. This helps companies that outsource to the Philippines a better strategy for the following:

  • Up sales
  • Improvements
  • Problem resolutions by analyzing previous customer behavior
  • Predict future insights based on customer behavioral patterns

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines that offer voice services collect vast amounts of data from past purchases. This, in turn, results in personalized and tailored suggestions that boost customer experience and customer retention 24/7.

In addition, predictive analytics plus sentiment analysis enhance the customer experience to determine these:

  1. Identify the best approach to specific queries
  2. Anticipate significant directions in the customer life cycle

This has been useful for inbound call centers in BPO Manila, Philippines. It provides information on how to approach customers based on dissatisfaction and risk of churning. The predictive analysis then suggests short-term or long-term promotions.

For outbound BPO companies in the Philippines, its application is to receive insights on the best approaches to pricing and product strengths based on past data.

Application #6: Increase Sales and Productivity by Predicting Future Outcomes

The efficiency of predictive analysis relies on the use of algorithms and past historical data. Companies that outsource to the Philippines leverage this for customer retention and to renew contacts with existing customers.

Using customer data also helps improve customer retention, increasing profit margin. In addition, businesses that partner with outsourcing companies in the Philippines claim that their business decisions based on customer data see a significant 126% profit growth as opposed to those that don’t.

Application #7: Match the Best Closers with the Best Leads

This is for companies that outsource in the Philippines and deal with seasonal volume spikes. There is a huge increase in consumer spending around the holidays.
Predictive analysis helps to match the best agent with the best leads. This is for sorting inquiries with the following criteria:

  • Media channel
  • The topic of the piece of content that tipped the customer into the sales funnel

This manner is used as a lead scorer, which helps outbound entry-level seasonal callers prioritize leads automatically.

This in turn, results in a better reward system for outbound agents of BPO companies in Metro Manila, such as:

  1. Top-performing callers are rewarded with the best leads, which they frequently close
  2. Newer or lower-performing callers were given less qualified leads to practice on

Application #8: Determine the Best Month of the Year when customers Pick Up Calls

Predictive analysis is used on a metric. This metric determines the best month for customers to pick up a high rate of calls. Which month of the year are most likely to respond to outbound calls?

This enables outsourcing companies in the Philippines for outbound call centers to maximize their resources in these identified months to make the most of the season.

Application #9: Focus and Help Call Center Agents to Perform Better

The practical application of this for the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines is not solely focused on customers but also on the betterment of agents themselves.

This way, BPO Manila Philippines predicts the agent’s attributes so they can increase your customer call satisfaction. Determining which units or agents are most likely to produce the best outcomes is also important.  The use of predictive analysis is helpful for the following:

  • Identify the percentage of calls with positive feedback
  • Companies get a better insight on how to train better and support their agents
  • Boost positive attributes and avoid behaviors that lead to worse outcomes
  • Hire and retain call center agents with assets that predict better call outcomes

Application #10: Provides a Complete Picture of Customer Interactions and Data

A classic use of this is the omnichannel call center BPO Philippines. Through sophisticated CRM tools, key statistics such as average handling time and whether they can meet the targets are among the data it collects and analyzes.

This in turn provides companies that outsource to the Philippines identify the following:

  • Which targets call center agents can meet
  • Which needs improvement or eliminate
  • Adapt the approach in real time to get better results

Application #11: Judge the Interest of the Client and Identify What to Focus On

The predictive analysis enables BPO Philippines to help close sales with business owners. Aside from agents giving an overview of the product or services, customer reception is then recorded.
This can help create a database of customer problems that managers can focus on to find creative ways to solve. For instance, customers who don’t see the value of a product or service help outsourcing companies in the Philippines to work into a strategy on the next calls.

Application #12: Predict Customer’s Intention For Calling

During calls, a back-end system can pull pre-processed personal data such as goals and sentiment of the previous calls, chats, and interactions of the customers with the company.

The predictive analysis predicts the intent of the current call and displays relevant information for the call center agent to see. In turn, this helps the agent to respond more effectively. Something that leads to higher customer satisfaction.

It is also used to categorize each topic to predict similar or different intents more accurately in the future. Agent’s performance is also improved as each call can be ended faster, thus handling more cases and saving on costs.

Benefits of Predictive Analysis in BPO Setting

Its vast application in the BPO setting, specifically in call center services, provides the following benefits.

1. Provide an even better customer experience

In the BPO industry, client and customer satisfaction is what distinguishes reliable providers from mediocre ones. Analytics tools help make the customer journey even more convenient whenever they reach out for your services. Call centers in the Philippines often receive excessive and repetitive calls, thus increasing AHT.

Predictive analysis and with the help of machine learning can help your company identify behavioral trends and areas that cause inconveniences for your customers. This way, you can create and apply solutions to improve or eliminate such issues.

In addition, it can create a reliable analysis of customer preferences through conversations with agents via email, chatbots, calls, and even social media activity. Having that reliable insight can help you forecast what customers need even before they contact your business.

2. Improve customer retention

It has been proven that getting new customers is far more costly than retaining existing ones. Predictive analysis can help you improve your customer retention efforts. Call center analytics through speech, text, and other data processing can help your business identify customers who are likely to stay loyal to you or who will jump ship.

It can also identify triggers such as tonal dissatisfaction, call escalations, and low agent feedback. It can also help identify customer churn, which can provide you with the necessary insight to make counteroffers to your customers.

3. Increase call center performance

Outsourcing a call center in the Philippines is smart, especially when you partner with a reliable provider. When leveraging predictive analysis, it helps to identify the possible root cause behind poor customer engagement.

Also, it boosts your outsourced agent’s performance and can improve to achieve your desired KPI, such as AHT and resolution time. It also helps managers and team leaders identify causal patterns to improve the team’s service delivery and better converse with customers.


Magellan Solutions Utilizes Predictive Analysis Amongst Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines


Our almost two decades in the industry have given us the wisdom to use the latest innovations to improve our services.

We leverage predictive, text, and speech analytics technologies and incorporate them into our CRM tools and infrastructure. This is our pledge to set our services as the best providers for our clients across the globe.
Magellan Solutions ensures our staff is well-equipped with the proper training to maximize the potential of these technologies.

Furthermore, we are ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant. We are never complacent when it comes to data and information security. Something that we want our clients to enjoy through our partnership.

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      12 Creative Use of Predictive Analysis in BPO Philippines

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