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5 Key Principles on How to Win in Omnichannel Outsourcing

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on March 6, 2024

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Omnichannel outsourcing allows SMEs to maximize the visibility of their product on many platforms.

It is not enough that you have a cold calling service when you want to reach the full potential of your business. That’s why SMEs use omnichannel outsourcing to provide various platforms for customers.

SME outsourcing omnichannel has a 91% better retention rate after one year.

Despite its popularity, not everyone succeeds after partnering with a BPO company. So, here are some tips on how to win your customers using omnichannel outsourcing:


  • Brand Consistency


Some companies tend to fit their branding on what platforms they’re using. Hence, it creates confusion when customers encounter you on other channels. 

Before outsourcing, make sure that you already have a plan on how you will present your product. Small details like the color palette and tone of ads are essential in customers’ memory.

To achieve consistent branding, you must study the demographics of your customers. If you’re unsure how to do it, some BPO companies can assist in researching clients.


  • Be Upfront On Pricing Details


70% of customers abandoned their cart if they didn’t see the total purchase cost. Some fear the business will rip them off and charge them excessively.

You must build trust with your customers by giving them accurate information. Shipping time and fees are some details customers want before checking out.

Your BPO company should allow you to include price details in all your platforms. This way, buyers will know what they’re into. Besides that, it will also improve your customer service satisfaction rating.


  • Include the Availability of the Product


Customers can get upset when they find out the product is unavailable after placing it. 71% of people ordering online expect to see only the available product in your store.

It might be hard to do inventory and update your product online regularly. Fortunately, BPO companies can provide you with back-office support for inventory monitoring.

Also, you need to provide an apparent description of your product. You can use an HD actual picture of it or upload a video presentation. 80% of consumers appreciate a website with a video of their product.


  • Focus on Your Response Time


One-third of customers expect an answer from your customer within 30 minutes. Half of these clients also have the same expectations during after-office hours.

But, only less than 10% of companies can follow these customers’ expectations. Ergo, potential buyers tend to look for another company to buy a product. 

You must be able to do a 24/7 operation when you outsource your omnichannel service. On top of that, you have to assess your call volume so you can determine how many agents you need.


  • Look for a Trusted Outsourcing Partner


One secret inefficient outsourcing is getting the best BPO company to fit your criteria. Partnering with the most prominent call center company is not enough. Some of them have processes that might not apply to your business.

When looking for a third-party service provider, you must check if they can protect your data. BPO company with an ISO 27001 Certification guarantees consumer information security.

Another thing you should consider is the flexibility of the BPO contact center. They should be able to support you if you need to outsource more functions.


Overcoming the Hurdles of Omnichannel Outsourcing

Let’s be honest, outsourcing your omnichannel strategy sounds amazing in theory– but things don’t always go smoothly. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common challenges and how to tackle them head-on:


1. The Data Juggle

  • The Problem: Imagine your customers’ information is scattered across different systems, and your outsourcing partner can’t see the big picture. That’s frustrating for everyone!
  • The Fix: It’s all about having the right tools and rules. Think of it like setting up a super-organized closet – everything needs its place. Set up a central spot for all customer data and make sure everyone knows how to use it.


2.  Keeping Your Brand’s Voice Strong

  • The Problem: Your brand has a personality, and you don’t want your outsourcing partners sounding like robots. Inconsistent tone can get confusing for customers.
  • The Fix: Think of it like a style guide your team lives by. What’s the vibe you’re going for – friendly, knowledgeable, maybe a little sassy? Make sure the outsourced team understands your brand inside and out. Regular check-ins help keep everyone on the same page.


3. When Cultures Collide

  • The Problem: Sometimes miscommunications happen when your team and outsourcing partners come from different backgrounds.
  • The Fix: A little goes a long way! Investing in some cultural awareness training for everyone involved can prevent misunderstandings. Plus, setting super clear expectations for how you’ll communicate (how fast to respond, what to do if there’s a problem) makes life easier for everyone.


4.  Keeping Things Safe & Secure

  • The Problem: Let’s face it, handing over sensitive customer info can feel risky.
  • The Fix: Be picky! Work with outsourcing partners who put security first and always keep those data privacy rules in mind. Think of your contract as a rulebook – make those security expectations clear as day.


5.  Is Everyone Pulling Their Weight?

  • The Problem: You want to be sure the outsourced service is just as good (or better!) than what your team provides.
  • The Fix: Track the important stuff! Think about what matters most – quick answers, happy customers, problems solved… Make those your targets and regularly check how your partners are doing. Use those check-ins to offer feedback and correct if needed.


Top Omni Contact Center Channels in 2024

There are a lot of platforms to choose from when outsourcing omnichannel services. So, which mode of communication should you focus on? 

According to recent studies, 79% of consumers prefer live chats. This is because it offers instant responses. On top of that, 44% said they would most likely buy from a company that answers immediately.

Phone calls are still an in-demand communication platform for many customers. This is popular, especially for elderlies who don’t know about chat messaging. 61% of consumers are still calling businesses to inquire about their products.

Although social media and email use are relatively low, they have advantages. You can use social media as a way to promote your product. The majority of internet users have at least one social media account.

AI chatbots are the latest advancement around the world. Statistics show that as of 2023, over 80% of customers have interacted with chatbots powered by AI. 75% of the retail industry uses AI chatbots to interact with their customers, while 58% of B2B and 42% of B2C companies use chatbots.

Meanwhile, email newsletters are for B2B marketing. It is more formal, and you can put as many details as possible. Which is what a B2B message should be.


People Behind Digital Transformation eCommerce and Multichannel Team

Here are some of the people that you need when you want to have a successful omnichannel campaign:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Social Media Managers 
  • Online Community Supervisor
  • Chat / Email Support Representatives
  • Technical Support
  • Market Researcher

All these positions are essential in providing excellent service for your customers. You can get these people when you partner up with the best omnichannel BPO.

If you want to outsource in an offshore country, consider the Philippines. They have one of the best English-speaking agents in Asia.


Bonus: Think Like Your Customers

Need some inspiration for your omnichannel strategy?  Look at your own industry:

  • Retail: Ever wished you could buy online and try things on in-store? That’s omnichannel in action!
  • Healthcare: From online appointment booking to virtual doctor visits – convenience is key.
  • Finance: Sometimes you just need help at 2 am. Chatbots and 24/7 phone support offer that flexibility.

Omnichannel is all about meeting customers where they are. Keep it simple, and you’ll see results!


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      5 Key Principles on How to Win in Omnichannel Outsourcing

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