Fb Pixel 5 reasons why you should outsource to call centers in Manila

5 reasons why you should outsource to call centers in Metro Manila

5 reasons why you should outsource to call centers in Metro Manila

call centers in manila

call centers in manila

Perhaps you’ve heard that outsourcing to the Philippines delivers many benefits to entrepreneurs who are seeking cost-effective solutions for their businesses and a growing number of these business owners swear by it.

But with the steady increase of call centers all over this lively archipelago, how will you know which city to pick? If you think, “Doesn’t matter. They’re all the same, anyway,” we’re here to tell you that you are mistaken. Choosing the right location for your call center can affect your business in more ways than one. While a Manila worker’s salary is considerably more than those from other areas, outsourcing to call centers in Manila has its unique benefits. So why the Philippines, and why in Metro Manila? We give you the top 5 reasons why this capital is your best pick.

1. Manila citizens are confident world-class communicators. The English language is best spoken in the cities of Metro Manila. While Filipinos are recognized all over the world for their impeccable English communication skills, Filipinos based particularly in Metro Manila bring it up a notch higher. Unlike Indians and Filipinos who are from the provinces, Metro Manila citizens speak without any accent at all. Some even can pull off the American and British accents. Hiring call center agents who speak with a different accent can be challenging for Westerners to understand, resulting in miscommunication and business opportunity loss. Metro Manila-based Filipinos’ confidence in the way they speak helps them converse comfortably with your customers, wherever they may be in the world. By outsourcing call centers in Metro Manila, you can work with a team of fluent and confident English speakers whom your company needs.

2. Metro Manila’s IT-BPO industry receives strong government support. Call centers in the Philippines, a majority of which are located in Metro Manila, experience consistent growth year after year due to the strong support it receives from the Philippine government. Tax incentives, educational programs, and formation of professional groups such as the Call Center Association of the Philippines increased foreign investors’ confidence in the Philippines as a BPO location. By outsourcing to call centers in Metro Manila, your company can boost its operations by working with established and well-supported outsourcing partners.

3. Metro Manila has a huge and Westernized workforce. Call centers in the Philippines employ over a million workers. A majority of this population is based in the country’s capital because Filipinos originally based in the provinces move to Manila for better work opportunities. Metro Manila-based Filipinos also grew up inundated with Western culture — from TV shows, music, fashion to technology. Outsourcing to Manila gives you exposure to a bigger talent pool who can easily establish rapport with your customers, owing to their knowledge of their customers’ culture.

4. Metro Manila has better buildings and internet infrastructure than other areas in the country. Being the country’s capital, Metro Manila is home to the Philippines’ central business districts, educational institutions, and lifestyle destinations. Well-developed roads and state-of-the-art buildings and facilities make living and working in Metro Manila more comfortable and convenient than other cities. The country’s major telecommunication providers have also aggressively invested in IT technologies and high-speed internet, helping communication channels run faster and more efficiently. There is a significant difference between internet in Metro Manila than other areas of the Philippines — being Metro Manila as the one that has way faster internet connections than other areas in the Philippines. Call centers in Metro Manila are powered by these technologies and resources, enabling them to work efficiently.

5. Metro Manila has more reliable power supply than other cities. Fewer power outages mean greater productivity. Less downtime or offline hours means more clients served. Moreover, call centers in Metro Manila have redundancies in power and connectivity — always having power and internet backups plus a backup call center operation location. This just means 24×7 reliable call center support. Headache-free operations are just right at your fingertips.

Call centers in Metro Manila have it all: a competent workforce in a dynamic and supportive environment. This explains why many companies are outsourcing here for any BPO need.


Metro Manila can be the best location for your call center. Click here to start outsourcing.