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The Main Ingredient For BPO Philippines Organic Traffic

If you want consistent organic traffic, then you’ve got to put a working system in place. Or better yet, an organic traffic “pipeline.”

A half-baked approach to search engine optimization only yields meager results in terms of driving organic traffic. I’m sure nobody wants that.

Search engines exist because people need the right information and you want consumers or even prospects to find yours easily. 

Optimizing for search users is one aspect of content marketing that just works. When you add this to your content marketing plan in the right way, the combination produces great results.


Common methods by top BPO companies in Philippines 2021

Every so often, you hear that relying on organic traffic is like playing the lottery. The odds aren’t in your favor, and it’s a win or lose. 

Here at Magellan Solutions, we gathered stories to further prove that our strategies will be like a lucky draw of gaining traffic.

Prioritize keywords

Having a strong keyword strategy is vital. It’s not only to increase your traffic but also to increase traffic that converts. Identifying which keywords to rank for is a strategy in and of itself.

Shanelle Mullin of ConversionXL‘s ‘quick strategy’ for boosting organic traffic is to play the long game. For her, it’s the only way to win in the long-term.

Mullin further continues that to find the most impactful keyword is to find the content that’s already ranking well for that keyword. Then write something that’s better than everything else out there to promote it far and wide. 

As a result, your traffic will reach out to everyone who is linking to those lesser pieces of content to tell them about your extraordinary piece of content.

This method is a scalable process for increasing your organic traffic long-term.

Create noteworthy content

What exactly is “noteworthy content“? 

Ashley Faulkes of Mad Lemmings says that to boost organic traffic, she turns to creating noteworthy content. 

The content should at least capture influencers’ and webmasters’ or gatekeepers’ attention. That means creating the best piece of content on a given topic and then using outreach to get links.

Additionally, Ashley’s strategy also has the beneficial side effect of getting a lot of social shares.

Track your competitors

Are your competitors ranking for all of the same keywords you’re targeting and are getting tons of organic traffic? That means that they are doing something right.

Ajay Paghdal, the owner of a search engine optimization company, says that he develops a premium piece of content blueprinted from a previously successful competitor post. Moreso, he also targets 500+ bloggers who would find it linkable with a compelling offer.

It’s important to offer those you are outreaching to, something of value.

Use data and metrics

Definitely a straightforward approach. But some marketers fail to remember the advantages of good old data and metrics. 

Casey Armstrong of Bigcommerce stopped neglecting Google Search Console. Instead, he digs into query data for top-performing URLs.

What Armstrong means by this method is to start tapping into your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. We have also done this for more than 19 years to find what content on your site is performing well and converting well. 

Chances are, if one blog post is already convincing people to buy your product, you should focus on optimizing that post.

Take advantage of high-DA sites

Guest posting or content collaborations are a great way to build quality links on sites that have high domain authority/span> (DA).

Before having any domain authority, one can piggyback off on more established blogs. This can help in focusing on keywords that you want to rank for, but on their blog. This also helps you own multiple articles around the same topic. 

As a result, there’s a bigger chance to be on the first page of Google.

Jonathan Dane of Klient Boost has tried this method and saw his content gain more traffic.

You can google which sites accept guest contributions and pitch ideas that you think their audiences will like. Many sites have a contribution form that you need to fill out.


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These 5 strategies are not the only possible methods that work for increasing your organic traffic

But these have been proven with our 19 years of experience in content moderation outsourcing

Increasing your organic traffic should be a long-term plan. If you want strong results that last, it takes consistency and effort. Consider these strategies the first step toward finding those results.

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