Call Center Services Philippines: A Post-Pandemic Advantage

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Call Center Philippines A Post-pandemic trade advantage

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Call Center Philippines A Post-pandemic trade advantage

Call Center Services Philippines Is Advantageous For The Post-pandemic Global Chain


Asian Development Bank claims that the post-pandemic trade landscape would change. It would turn more weight into digital and services trade. That the Philippines is in the best position to take advantage of this shift.

The country has a comparative advantage. Due to its position as the World’s Call Center Capital and is a great choice for customer service.

According to the same report, the pandemic accelerated digital transformation. Which could boost global output, trade and commerce, and employment. 


Philippines Call Center Costs


The Philippines call center industry reigns supreme in this particular market. It is due to English proficiency and neutral accent. Plus the ability to understand American or any western maxims.

Compared to their western counterparts, Philippines call center costs way cheaper. For a simple breakdown, a Filipino outsourced call center agent gets paid between $0.99 – $3.36 per hour.

Rates also depends on the following factors:

  • Number of agents
  • Expertise
  • Current labor market rate
  • Contract length
  • Call volume
  • Average handling time
  • Add-ons


Changing Tides For Contact Centers Philippines


Filipino cultural traits like a natural sense of empathy and service-orientedness is an advantage. To which service-oriented industries like banks and hotels find commendable.

But, the arrival of chat bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) pose a new challenge. Especially for the contact centers in the Philippines.

It is good to note that contact centers in the country also offer a wide array of services. Aside from call center agents for customer experience management, there are other jobs within the company. 

These are content moderators, claims specialists, and accountants. Plus wide array of back office and management services. These are the backbone of contact centers in the Philippines.

Citibank Global CEO Michael Corbat claimed that human call centers will be a thing of the past. In as early as three years.

According to American consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, call center agent jobs will be gone by next year. So the only way to ride the changing tide is massive upskilling.

This means Filipino call center agents must know other high value skills. Skills that are marketable to meet global needs. By 2022, 73% of all jobs in the IT-BPM industry will require mid to high-end skills.

Medium skills are accounting and engineering services. While high-end skills are software programmers and animators.


Top BPO In The Philippines: What They Can Do?


Business process outsourcing companies must change their strategies to maintain their position in the changing landscape. 

According to IBPAP, in the next three years the following fields will be in high demand:

  • Animation and Game Development
  • Health Care & Information Management
  • Global In-house Center
  • Software Development
  • General Back Office Processes e.g. Bookkeeping

With this inevitable paradigm shift, BPO in the Philippines must diversify. This is for them to keep their market share. This means that the BPO industry must invest more on technology-driven skills and services.


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