Fb Pixel Outsourced order taking service is great for SMEs

Outsourced order taking service is great for small and medium-sized businesses

Outsourced order taking service is great for small and medium-sized businesses

Want your business to make more money? Handle your customers by hiring an order taking call center.


More small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) around the world are realizing the importance of call centers for their front and back-office operations.

Apart from their cost-saving benefits, an outsourced call center services enable companies to focus on their core expertise while seeing customers being managed more efficiently and professionally. In fact, the higher the opportunities for handling customers, the bigger chances of keeping them and generating more revenues.

There are many call center solutions in the market, but one of the most popular services businesses use today is outsourced order-taking services .

Outsourcing to an order entry call center is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses offering a wide variety of consumer goods. They can also be perfect for service-oriented enterprises. Businesses outsourcing and order taking service can be as diverse as those that sell insurance, flowers, pet grooming and supplies, confectionery, specialty food, or pizza delivery. The products and services can be endless!

The good thing about having an outsourced order taking call center is the flexibility. The hired provider can synchronize its operations with your business hours. Better yet, agents can take more calls even after office hours. There is also an option for 24/7 operations.

How an outsourced order taking service brings more money

Most order taking services are inbound by nature and businesses earn more revenue through helping customers fulfill a specific need.

For example, a customer calls your call center to know the effects of a 1.5 mm derma roller and a 1 mm derma roller on the skin. The agent can provide a more detailed explanation on these products and the agent will be more than happy to explain the products’ benefits. This now provides an opportunity to ask which product would be a better option for the customer. The agent can also upsell and cross-sell to the customer.

Smart move

Live people answering the customers’ calls can provide clarity for any queries. Real interaction provides the highest degree of successful sales, real-time customer service, and instant feedback. Outsourced order-taking service can also be customized according to a company’s specific requirements. Businesses can have more front-liners logging on more orders on the company-owned system without hiring additional staff. The employee training, employment and operations systems, infrastructure and technology can also be provided by the outsourced call center.

Order taking managed by an outsourced call center can improve any business’ order taking process. Whether it is retail; insurance; or education, the service is viable for organizations that want to achieve long-term growth.


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