Fb Pixel The Sale is Not the End

The Sale is Not the End

Have you ever come across sales agents who, after selling a car, for instance, suddenly “can’t be reached”? After practically throwing their best stuff at you—freebies, huge rebates, and the like—they’re suddenly too busy to take your call after delivering your brand-new ride. Fortunately, your clients don’t have to suffer the same fate.

The way to do this is to keep in mind that the sale is only the beginning.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the moment a customer who walks into that showroom or calls up your customer call center inquiry hotline should be considered as the start of a potential relationship. Your call center agents must, therefore, greet each client with warmth and a welcoming smile or tone of voice. Accommodate each caller as if he were your only customer. This means patiently taking the time to answer his questions, ease his anxiety about certain issues or concerns about your product or service, and simply be there when needed.

More importantly, this same caring service should continue even after the sale. In fact, this is the more crucial part because it will show your small business’s dedication to your valued clients.

Be accessible whenever they get in touch with you. See them through those issues—until these are resolved. And be ready to honor warranties if something goes amiss. Little things like these that keep clients coming back for more. As they say, “this (sale) could be the start of something big”.

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