What Makes An Effective Legal Intake Call Center

What Makes An Effective Legal Intake Call Center

What Makes An Effective Legal Intake Call Center

What Makes An Effective Legal Intake Call Center

The kind of “sales processing” for law firms are intake processes

The intake process is an important part of the overall client lifecycle. It’s essentially the series of steps required to convert prospects into paying clients. In other words, it’s the law firm sales process. Specifically, it is a 24-hour service that specializes in receiving, answering, and handling calls directed to your law firm. 

An excellent intake system will be more beneficial for your firm’s bottom line than just another legal marketing campaign. It’s critical that you choose to outsource legal intake rather than waste money due to unanswered, unreturned, or improperly answered calls. 

What makes an effective client intake process

Despite its importance, few law firms have put much energy into optimizing their intake process. A poorly-developed intake process can result in disorganization, wasted time, and lost revenue as potential clients slip through the cracks.

Magellan Solutions wants to give a hand. This is why we have listed key stages of an effective client intake process. You don’t have to worry yourself because all these are on us once you outsource your calls.

Acquiring and nurturing leads

The client intake process begins whenever you capture a potential client. Leads might come via:

  • Referrals
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Website traffic
  • Variety of other channels

Client intake process should begin at the exact moment when you receive the initial contact. Whether it be a phone call, email, or contact form submission. 

Scheduling a consultation

Once you’ve acquired a lead and started to build their trust, the next milestone in the intake process for most firms is scheduling an initial consultation. You get the opportunity to learn more about the legal matter at hand. Given the importance, consultations are worth spending the time to develop a good process.  With this, you ensure that people will show up.

Gathering information

The core of the client intake process. Usually begins right when a new lead comes in. This step can be optimized for organization and efficiency. We also optimize according to your law firms’ needs. 

Drafting & signing the fee agreement

The final step is to get the fee agreement drafted and signed. Then you open the matter for billing in your case management system. This is important as any other step as it is where the attorney-client relationship is formalized. It is where the client agrees to pay your fees. The key element to focus on at this stage is making the sign-up flow as easy as possible for both parties.

Outsource to the best LPO services provider

As lawyers, you should not be deprived of the focus and concentration that you need to properly solve the cases that fund your very firm. Here in Magellan Solutions, we understand the gravity of your work and reputation. Therefore, we offer not only the best of our agents but also other legal process outsourcing (LPO) services:

Legal transcription

A service for transcribing audio or audio/video recordings. It can also cover interviews and court hearings. The resulting transcript is already formatted for legal use. 

Legal collection

Collect bills from your clients efficiently. No need to collect bills yourself. You don’t have to worry about missed payments anymore, as well.

Legal appointment service

Receive calls and set appointments 24/7. This service also equips you with a virtual receptionist, who’s available round the clock.

At Magellan Solutions, we are eager to help your legal practice. Would you like to outsource any of these services to us? Fill out the form below!



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