Outsource Social Media Content Moderation

Filter comments and reviews that can damage your online reputation.

Social media moderation service allows your online brand to stay secure from any potential harm that may affect your business. A 24/7 social media moderation can filter detrimental, inaccurate, and fake comments and reviews to maintain a safer community both for you and the customers.

What is a social media content moderation service?

Social media content moderation services are services offered to an online company or business wherein the contents uploaded by a customer is being screened for potential damage that it might cause your online brand. Pictures, videos, comments, and reviews uploaded or posted by customers will be filtered to avoid potential harm.

Why should you moderate content on social media?

It is crucial to moderate content on social media for your business to be safe from unwanted and damaging contents that might affect, not just you or your online business, but also, maybe detrimental to other visitors or customers, as well. Some potential risks that may damage your brand's reputation include trolling, abusive comments, copyright infringement, possible scams, and other illegal activities that can pop up if moderation is not monitored frequently.

What are the advantages of partnering with a service provider?

Partnering with a social media moderation service provider is beneficial not just for your business but to your audience, as well. It can provide 24/7 content monitoring and moderations, fast action and solution to a potential risk, efficient moderation services, and allows you to spend time with other productive activities instead of painstakingly checking your social media accounts every now and then.

Social Media Moderation Services for Your Brand

Magellan Solutions provide social media moderation for your brand. We are a dedicated team of moderators that guarantees to assist you in taking fast action and solution to possible damaging content. We provide highly trained content moderators to scrutinize the context and intent of comments and reviews, among others. For more than 13 years, Magellan Solutions have been providing high quality outsourced moderation services. For more information about the services we offer, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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