Product Design and Drafting Services

Magellan’s team of mechanical engineers and design specialists provide high-precision mechanical engineering and design solutions to businesses from various sectors around the world. We are committed to providing each client with first-rate product design and drafting services.

We provide drafting and design services

  • Mold design
  • Fabricated structures
  • Geometric dimensioning
  • Exploded views
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Part and assembly design
  • 2D engineering drawings

Why outsource product drafting?

Investing in outsourcing is critical as it has helped a thousands of businesses save up on cash, get the help that they need while reducing time to market significantly.

Most business owner that do outsource usually go for customer care services or animation. These are the most popular services when it comes to outsourcing and they usually what most large corporations and small businesses need for better customer relationships. However, what most people do not know is that there are back office jobs that can also be outsourced and are being offered by Magellan Solutions. One of these is product design and drafting services.

Product design can be a tricky thing to outsource as the result could make or break your company. It is very essential that one must choose to go with the right people to work on such. Or else, it would only be a total waste of money. Drafting the whole thing is also going to be quite tricky as it entails the right skills and the proper knowledge on how to go about doing that properly. Product design and development is one of the best services that you can find at Magellan Solutions and it is no secret that businesses which outsource this task here are quite satisfied with the work being done. With the tons and tons of product designs that are being made, it is very important to be able to produce one that is outstanding and would be able to help out a business bring in revenue.

Setting the standards

For Magellan Solutions and its product design and drafting services, it is always about pushing their limits and seeing what levels they could achieve. They are not at ease knowing that they have simply accomplished the job – it is always about accomplishing it and making sure that they did it really well. With that, they have met the standards and even set the new standards in product design and drafting. It is always a pleasure having people work on projects like that. After all, your business surely needs something that sets the bar high and outsourcing to Magellan Solutions will help you achieve that.

Polished Processes

Outsourcing may seem to be quite a chaotic thing to do as you would have to make constant communication. However, our mechanical engineering service team understands how important communication is, and make sure that they get everything right. They also make sure that you are constantly updated with regard to the project that they are working on.

You would be getting regular updates and reports and you would also be in the know since, before anything else begins, you would be given a timeline on what would be going on. This would help you see how things are done and you would be able to provide any input that you deem necessary. These people are professionals and they have years of experience in doing product design and drafting services. You can expect them to be doing really well and to be doing their best. In addition, they have created a process that ensures that time will be used wisely and that you can get the best results according to a specific timeline. The process has already been tried and tested and have proven to be working well.

On time delivery of results

Some business owners are afraid to outsource product design and drafting services because they would not be able to see how things are going first hand. But Magellan Solutions Inc know where you are coming from and so its team of skilled experts make sure that they help you understand how things are done and how much has been finished so far. You will be receiving a time table as well for your information. Because these professionals stick to the time table, work is done on time. Plus, results are given to you on time. You would not have to deal with any backlogs or any delayed results.

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