Mechanical Engineering Services

Magellan Solutions, a leader in customer service and BPO solutions, offers your business access to mechanical engineering solutions to help you develop mechanical designs more quickly. Our service is primarily focused on providing solutions for a wide range of industries which include construction, automobiles, transport and energy.

It is not easy to find the right company that would provide you with such services. There may be plenty of BPO service providers in the market offering complex services. On the other hand, choosing to go with hiring and in-housing a mechanical engineer can really bore a hole in your wallet as setting up all the needed office equipment can be quite pricey and you would have to deal with really high salaries each and every month. That would not be a good move especially if you are trying to save a lot more of your company’s finances. Outsourcing to Magellan would be the best way to go. It is essential to find the right company that offers mechanical engineering services.


Services We Offer

Product Design and Drafting
Reverse Engineering
Rapid Prototyping


Experts at what we do

Our design specialists have a solid understanding of the specific characteristics of the client’s product segment. These people are experts; they specialize in mechanical engineering jobs and have gone through the right mechanical engineering programs. They are good when it comes to analyzing mechanical systems as they also benefit from the expertise of other technicians and engineers. They are also good at designing systems and can oversee manufacturing. The need for maintenance of these systems is also quite essential and you can expect these engineers to provide such services as well.

Each task is a given the right attention

You can expect to see these professionals work on the tasks you have sent over to them with professionalism and quality in mind.

It is not enough for them to be able to simply finish a task because it is what is required of them. For them, it is all about providing the right services and making sure that they are doing it well. With that, you can expect them to find the best solutions to any issue that you would be sending their way. And because each task that is sent over is not the same as the one before that, these engineers over at Magellan Solutions Inc make sure that they go through each one focused. You cannot find them using or utilizing one solution for all of the issues that come their way. With that, you can expect productivity of your business to increase as issues are easily dealt with and given solutions.

Easy arrangements

They say that the world of engineering can be quite a complex one. However, with the right people on your team, you can be sure that complexity would be taken out of the equation. By outsourcing mechanical engineering services, you can be sure that there would be no complex set ups that would take too long for the ball to get rolling. Magellan Solutions prides itself in the skilled and professional team of mechanical engineers who have gone through the right training and are just awaiting any new tasks that are going to be sent their way. All of the needed equipment and tools would already be ready and so when you agree to the terms and the pricing, your mechanical engineering services are ready to go.

Why choose Magellan Solutions

Magellan Solutions has been providing back-office and BPO solutions to hundreds of organizations across the globe. We first understand the requirements of the client and provide the right design solutions that address your requirements and need.

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