Call Center Recruitment

In the Philippines call center industry, qualified call center agents are becoming harder and harder to come by and the task of recruiting personnel for customer service and helpdesk/technical support outsourcing requirements is becoming more difficult.

For the most part, this is due to competition with several hundred call centers spread across the Philippines. At Magellan Solutions, we set ourselves apart not only by focusing on the obvious compensation and benefits package but by addressing other equally important needs of employees, namely:

  • Magellan Call Center Recruitment
  • Management – A Reliable and trustworthy company for call center employees to respect and grow with. An Open management style that encourages people to speak up about their concerns.
  • Environment – A familial atmosphere that encourages open communication among the people involved in customer services and takes care of them. We pride ourselves by having co-employees that take care of each other.
  • Strategic location – Our center is situated in a densely populated residential area in the center of Mandaluyong City, one of the major cities of Metro Manila. The building is surrounded by 24hr restaurants and mini-stores that are necessary to accommodate the call center agents providing helpdesk and technical support services who will be working on extended hours. It is a highly accessible location, adequately served by all Metro Manila taxicab operators and several major Metro Manila public transit routes.

Magellan’s customer service employee recruitment efforts have included the following specific methods:

  • Placing prominent advertisements in national and Metro Manila newspapers, on major Metro Manila radio stations and on its own Web site and elsewhere on the Web;
  • Participating in job fairs sponsored by the government, major universities and other institutions in Metro Manila and elsewhere;
  • Targeting and approaching candidates directly in limited circumstances;
    Placing job advertisements on online recruitment websites; and
  • Utilizing the personal social networks of senior executives and middle management.

Magellan Solutions has deployed a rigorous selection process that has yielded only the best employees from the candidate pool.  Our process implements a four-step, multilevel, employee screening process consisting of the following:

  • Resume screening
  • Guide Phone Interview
  • Psychological, IQ and Communications skills exam
  • Character probing final interview

Our company is committed to selecting the best people for your offshore team. Contact us for more information.