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What is a 1 300 answering service?

1-300 answering services are a call center service that redirects your customer’s incoming calls to a third-party company, to give you more time to focus on your company’s core activities. By adding the 1-300 code in the number, right before dialing, your customer’s phone call will be sent to a service provider line instead of your company’s phone line.

What is the difference of 1 800, 800, and 1 300 answering service?

1-800, 1-300 and 800 are all toll-free numbers. The only difference between these three codes is that they redirect phone calls into their own respective communication lines. All three of these codes serve as a guidance system for segregating phone calls. When your customers use a specific code, their connection will be transferred to the 1-800, 1-300 or 800 lines respectively.

Why do businesses need a 1 300 answering service?

Businesses need to get a 1-300 answering service so that they could increase their company’s growth rate. With this service, you and your employees can focus more on the company matters that need more attention instead of staying on the phone all day.

Who needs a toll-free answering service?

All businesses both big and small need toll-free answering services, especially those who aspire to become globally competitive. Acquiring this service will allow you to have a charge-free long-distance communication line that your customers can use to avail of your products and services. This can also be a way for you to attract more business prospects.

Magellan’s 1 300 answering service

Magellan Solutions have been in this industry for 15 years already. Our company’s agents are all experienced and are highly trained in handling clients in the best means possible. We see to it that your customer’s needs will be addressed completely.


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