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What Is a Toll-Free Number and How Does it Work?

A toll-free number is basically a specialized code that is usually added in to the recipient’s phone number when dialing. Toll-free numbers work by redirecting your phone line’s incoming calls into a third-party, usually a call center company. This is usually outsourced for handling overseas customers who seek your company’s services.

How important is an 800 number to businesses?

Getting a toll-free number such as 800 will increase your business’ accessibility to your customers. This usually leads to a significant increase in the number of business prospects who would want to engage with your company.

Also, acquiring a toll-free number will allow your company to directly communicate with your customers all over the globe; a feature that is very important to become internationally competitive.

Why do most businesses still have 800 numbers?

Simple, businesses still have the 800 code because it’s cost-effective and it brings many benefits! Below is a list of the benefits you can acquire from having this toll-free number.

  • Expand your business reach and be globally competitive
  • Connect directly with your clients who are located overseas
  • Attract more customers by getting rid of extra charges for long-distance connections

Outsource 800 Answering Services

Having a toll-free number is one thing, but putting it to good use is another. The difficult part comes with manning your phone line with competent and customer-friendly employees who are available 24/7. With this, it is definitely a good move to outsource 800 answering services. Magellan solutions have agents who are well-trained and are more than capable of catering to your customers from different nationalities. Rest assured, all your customers will be satisfied with the services we give.


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