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Finding other business that can synergize with yours is quite tricky; this is where Magellan Solutions comes into play. Using our B2B lead generation service, our capable agents will search for qualified leads through our wide network of connections.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are The Good Ways To Generate Quality B2B Leads?

    Aside from your in-house efforts, you can also consider outsourcing to a competent lead generation company. Through this, you can leverage the time and knowledge of appointment setters who can bring good results to your business.

    How Does Lead Generation Companies Help In Achieving C-level B2B Lead?

    The more people you call, the more qualified leads will you get. In general, this is how lead generation works. Lead generation companies have dedicated agents who can spend most of their time reaching out to decision-makes. Armed with effective sales scripts, they can help you in qualifying C-level leads who will likely convert into customers.

    What Are The Benefits Of An Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Service?

    Hiring a company that offers B2B lead generation will add pipeline for your business' success. To be more specific, here are its other benefits:

    • Generates high-quality leads
    • Helps your sales team close more sales
    • Aligns your B2B marketing strategy in scripting
    • Integrates lead nurturing
    • Connect with more business owners in the industry
    • Low-cost solution

    How Do B2B Outbound Lead Generation Firms Charge Clients?

    It differs on the pricing structure of a certain company. But in Magellan Solutions, We charge our clients based on the following:

    • The number of agents they would need for the campaign
    • The length of our partnership (short-term or long-term)
    • The labor market rate

    Outsource Your B2B Lead Generation in the Philippines

    Magellan Solutions offers B2B lead generation services for small to medium businesses. We also have customized services for startups. Instead of looking solely at the size of your business, we try to look at how we can help you grow and achieve your business goals.

    Some of the industries we serve include:

    • Ecommerce
    • Clinics
    • Law firms
    • Retails

    The common applications of our B2B lead generation services are:

    • Email Support
    • Directory Assistance
    • Market Research
    • Demand Generation
    • Performance Analytics
    • Customer Acquisition Strategy

    You can also check out the services that we offer to B2C companies, which also apply here.

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