Outsource Dental Appointment Reminder Service

  • Efficient web-based dental appointment reminder service for chain of clinics and solo practitioners.
  • Best-value solution to increase and manage patient volume.
  • Get the help of live operators and/or IVR technology to reach clients through answering machine, SMS, email, or push notifications.

What is a dental appointment reminder service?

It a type of reminder service that assists dentists, be it a group or a solo practitioner, in notifying patients of a previously scheduled appointment.

How do dental appointment reminder call services work?

To ease the workload in your busy clinic, this service reminds your clients about their upcoming schedule for clinic visits without interrupting you from work. Calls are automatically sent to your patients before their schedule.

Who needs dental appointment reminder call services?

Every dental clinic needs to avail of this service. With this service, you can help your patients remember their appointments with you.

What are the benefits of outsourcing this service?

  • Save money and time by outsourcing. Hiring your own employee costs more than what you would spend in outsourcing since there is no need for you to fund your employees’ training; this also cuts the time needed for training.
  • When you outsource, you gain access to well-trained and highly-skilled agents. Providing adequate and proper customer service will make clients more satisfied.
  • Free yourself from extra workload. Let your agents handle all the tasks related to reminders. When you focus on your patients who are currently in your clinic, this will make your work more efficient and effective.

How should you choose a service provider?

Entrust your clients to the right service provider by keeping in mind these things:

  • Look for certifications such as ISO and HIPAA. These certificates are only awarded to those who have complied with strict security protocols. These can be considered as a basis for credibility and competence.
  • Choose a service provider high-quality and cost-effective service.
  • Do some research regarding their track record. Entrust your clients to a service provider who takes good care of their security

Dental Appointment Reminder Service In The Philippines

Proactively increase the patient flow in your dental clinic by helping them remember their scheduled appointments. With more than 14 years of experience, Magellan Solutions can provide both automated and human-operated service for you — bringing the best results possible.

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