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Outbound Call Center Services

  • Custom-fit solutions guaranteed to add value to your organization.
  • Hire a sales team and start your outbound contact operations immediately.
  • Our ISO-certified outbound call center services include: telemarketing, telesales, appointment setting, cold calling, collection reminders, and market research.
  • Why Outsource to an Outbound Call Center?


    Magellan Solutions’ outbound call center services help organizations to sell their products or reach out to new and existing customers with poise and professionalism. The company has been handling various direct marketing and outbound-related campaigns for 14 years, with existing clients from energy, education and retail industries at the helm. These years of experience in the call center industry is backed by its latest technology infrastructure, rigorous training sessions, quality assurance monitoring and a highly trained call center team. The result is increased sales and improved ROI using the best outbound call center strategies.

    Magellan Solutions frees you from the monotony of outgoing calls. Our agents are professionally skilled and have experience in cold calling and telemarketing. We hire only the best and most qualified candidates who can deal with the demands of work and who are accountable for the campaign’s overall success. Which explains why training your dedicated sales team is minimal.

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    Increase Selling Time Frame

    Spend less time on time-consuming calls. Our professionally trained outbound agents can make their way to the decision maker or the right contact by eliminating negotiations with assistants or receptionists, getting voicemail, being put on hold and/or waiting for an answer.

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    Best-Fit Call Center Infrastructure

    Using Zendesk, NetSuite, and ViciDialer among other call center software for outbound campaigns? We have it. Our custom-fit outbound contact center solutions aligns with your operations and its nuisances so you can start immediately.

    call center quality assurance

    Consistent Quality Assurance Review

    Achieving only the best results for your campaigns. Magellan’s QA teams carefully assess every call and document info, areas of improvement, summaries, and detailed statistical reports. Sales team leaders monitor the overall performance of the team with the goal of meeting sales targets. They make sure that each agent contributes to the objective.

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    Value Generating Call Center

    We create unique processes according to the individual needs of our clients with the help of our implementation, recruitment, training, quality assurance and management teams. Our onboarding process is something we are proud of. It's a fact that we are the only call center in the Philippines offering this.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Outbound Call Center Services?

    Outbound call center services focuses on making calls and connecting to potential customers. Businesses use this service for their customer acquisition, sales, lead generation, appointment setting, or market research efforts.

    Take note that it is different from inbound call center services which are used primarily for answering calls or emails.

    What Are The Benefits of Outbound Call Center Services?

    Organic searches and paid advertisements are not enough to reach a wider market. Sometimes, you have to remind your customers and tap your prospects one-by-one to inform them about your products or services. While doing it, you must be ready to guide them in their purchasing decision.

    Outsourcing to the appropriate outbound call center can give you these benefits:

  • Make more sales calls in a day
  • Close more deals
  • A cost effective way of maintaining a sales team
  • Integrate CRMs when making cold calls to increase customer satisfaction and lessen their annoyance.
  • Real time reporting
  • Reach a wider market
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Regular and continuous monitoring to check the service quality
  • Where Can I Find A Call Center To Handle Outbound Calls?

    The Philippines is a good place to outsource outbound sales calls. With competent agents, your products can reach many places.

    What Type Of Industry Do You Specialize In?

    For 14 years of providing different call center outsourcing services to local and international businesses, we gained comprehensive knowledge and experience in serving these industries:

    • Insurance
    • Real Estate
    • Travel
    • Healthcare
    • Legal
    • Retail/E-commerce
    • Telecommunications
    • Education
    • Food
    • Manufacturing
    • Hospitality
    • Automotive
    • Government Agencies
    • Media and Communication
    • Transportation
    • Consumer Electronics

    Here's the catch: each campaign is unique. Even when both businesses belong to the same industry, they require different processes, target different demographics, and need a different formula to achieve their goals.

    To meet their needs, we determine all nuances right from the start. We curate all information which we forward to all departments concerned.

    Success lies in the hands of the people who would handle the account. With that in mind, our Recruitment team hires the best candidates who possess the necessary skillsets for the job. After that, our certified trainers train the new hires based on the best practices in the following areas:

    • Generating quality and convertible leads
    • Determining the actual problems or needs of consumers
    • Knowing how your products can solve consumer problems
    • Proactive selling (upselling and cross-selling)
    • And other industry-specific practices

    To make our outbound calls more proactive, we also ask our clients to provide the following information:

    • Scope and limitations of the job
    • Do’s and don’ts when talking to consumers
    • Possible benefits of buying the product
    • Comprehensive information about products or services
    • Essential information about the company
    • List of frequently asked questions (if there’s any) which will serve as a guide in providing information

    Do You Offer Lists?

    No, we do not offer prepared lists for our clients. Normally, our clients already have their list which our agents can readily call. Through this setup, we can increase the efficiency of our operations. However, we have a data mining service to complement your telemarketing efforts.

    How Experienced Are Your Outbound Call Center Agents?

    It depends on the complexity of the account, sales process, and the industry. Most of our agents have proven customer service experience and expertise in selling while some are only beginning to expand their knowledge on the sales process.

    How Much Do Your Services Cost?

    In computing the cost of our services, we consider the following factors:

    • Number of seats
    • Agent expertise
    • Type of service
    • Labor market rate
    • Length of contract
    • Add-ons (infrastructure, business continuity plan, etc.)

    Many factors affect call center pricing it is best contact our Business Development Team for you to know the exact price of the services that your business needs.

    Do You Accept Commission-Based Projects?

    No. But we do an hourly-rate per agent.

    Hire an Outbound Call Center Company In The Philippines

    Choosing the right call center service provider can help you reach your sales goals. To make sure that you are using its highest potential, the factors that you need to consider before signing a deal are the following:

    • Track record of the call center company
    • Field of expertise
    • Stability and business continuity
    • Flexibility and scalability
    • Call center processes
    • Pricing model

    As a top call center company for small and medium-sized business owners, Magellan Solutions provide top-notch outbound services that do not only attract consumers but also convert them into loyal ones.

    Outbound Call Center Services Made For You

    With more than 14 years of being an outbound contact center outsourcing provider, Magellan Solutions is the right place to go. Our competitive call center pricing and effective sales strategies speaks for itself.

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