Answering Service for Small Business

  • Never miss a single call again, even on holidays with our reliable answering service for small business.
  • Our agents are well-trained and will handle requests with efficiency in an approachable manner.
  • Start immediately and secure clients for your business.

Why We are the Best Phone Answering Service for Small Business

24/7 Operations

For businesses, every call is a sales opportunity. Never miss a call again when you outsource our small business answering services to us. We will of service with us even after office hours and holidays.

Experienced Live Operators

Let the professionals handle your calls. Get access to our competent people who will give your clients a high level of customer experience. We hire, train and improve our staff and your process.

Affordable Services

If you are looking for a reasonably priced service, outsource to us. Maximize return on investment as we ensure not to miss every single call and we do it with respect and value to each customer.

Reliable and Best Value

We are a trustworthy partner with 14 years experience in bringing phone answering services to small businesses. We offer the best value you’ll find nowhere else. That’s a fact.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Answering Service for Small Business?

    It is hiring a third-party service provider to handle queries about a small business. Live answering service for small business offers a lot of options for small companies such as giving free trials, charging on a per minute or a monthly basis, and so much more. It aims to help business owners that have fewer employees and/or a lesser amount of yearly revenue than a small business enterprise.

    Advantages of Getting a Live Phone Answering Service for Small Business

    Hiring the best answering service for small business has a lot of benefits:

    • Maximizes Return on Investment - You won’t miss a sales opportunity again when your staff is not around, even during the holidays, as answering service is providing 24/7 services. Missed calls from customers mean missed opportunities, thus harming the business.
    • Boost Productivity - Phone calls can sometimes be a distraction to your people doing the core processes of your business. When you outsource this service, they can finally focus more with their job and you can control the labor costs.
    • Increases Reliability - Customers would love to deal with a business that is reliable, especially when it comes to inquiries and concerns. You need to make them feel that you are always there for them for anything about your products or services.

    How does Small Business Live Answering Service Differ from Regular Answering Service?

    • Regular Answering Service - Several hotline numbers are available to cater for a large volume of calls every day.
    • Small Business Answering Service - A specific plan that includes a single hotline number is provided by automated phone answering service for small business.

    When Should I hire an Answering Service for my Small Business?

    Now is the best time to hire a telephone answering service for your small business. Get a hand in promoting your products and deliver timely services and dependable solution for every business requirement. It has a lot of options to offer to every business. With a lower cost, we assure that every call is catered with value and are accessible to almost anywhere in the world.

    How are the Low Cost Answering Services Beneficial for Us?

    Despite its lower cost than a regular answering service, best phone answering service for small business can provide the same level of service with regards to dedication towards work and business owners can tailor their phone answering service reliant based on the particular needs of the company. Some features included are the arrangement of appointments and taking messages for return calls when available using small business answering service software.

    Are there Answering Services for Startups?

    A startup is a small business. No business is too small to outsource. For startups, focusing on the needs of the customers is the most essential trait. Call centers are the most common point between a product and its clients. It is vital for startup businesses to outsource processes that a company cannot afford to support yet.

    Small Businesses Live Answering Services

    Magellan Solutions provide the best live answering service for small business to answer calls even after office hours or during holidays. They provide 24/7 services to make it easy for customers to do transactions with small business owners. The cost is very much worth every penny, and there is no fixed price; instead, it is catered to what a specific business need.

    Outsource Answering Service for Small Business in the Philippines

    If you want to get the benefits of having the best small business answering service without the need to provide office space, materials, training sessions and many more in a cost-efficient approach, outsourcing live answering service for small business in the Philippines is perfect for you. When compared to other outsourcing countries, services in the Philippines are more affordable and companies like Magellan Solutions offer genuine value-for-money.