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Answering Service - Telemessaging

Telemessaging involves the recording and transmission of written or verbal communication to staff for purposes of customer service and sales. Operators may forward these messages through notes, phone, voicemail and email, though they don’t take on the aforementioned tasks themselves. Companies that receive a high volume of calls and emails would benefit from outsourcing telemessaging to a reliable service provider.

Magellan Solutions, a Manila-based live answering service and appointment reminders company, can get the job done for you.

Telemessaging is used for the following:

• Appointment setting
• Reminder calls or emails
• Assistance for tech support and account representatives
• Cover for reception staff during peak hours or absences

Likewise, operators screen, record and handle contacts but don’t necessarily concern themselves with their content.

Outsourcing Telemessaging / Teleservice

Transferring the process to a dependable service provider can help you cope with day-to-day calls and emails without having to increase in-house staff or invest in the technology needed for it. This lets you keep administrative costs to a minimum while at the same time increase productivity and bolster customer service. It’s a cost-effective solution for companies looking to maximize their resources.

Outsourcing gives you flexible options in terms of service packages and rates. Our contact center handles both dedicated and shared projects, with the corresponding pricing scheme:

Dedicated – custom
Shared service – custom hourly rates

It also lets you tap into our talent pool of extensively trained operators. This spares you from the tedious task of searching for skilled individuals. You can rest easy knowing that qualified operators are working on your project.

What or Telemessaging Can do for you

Magellan Solutions blends the latest technology with top talent to deliver results. We are highly committed to rendering personalized service, taking your unique business requirements into careful consideration. We can manage calls, emails and contacts with efficiency during seasonal peaks and valleys, as well as cover for you if your in-house team is either busy or understaffed. Our contact center operates 24/7 throughout the year.

Verticals and industries served by our answering call center:
• Law Offices
• Medical Clinics and Hospitals
• Dental Clinics
• Limousine and Car Rental
• Accounting Firms and Banks
• Insurance
• Telecommunications
• Hospitality
• Media and Communications
• Marketing and Advertising
• Mobile

Contact our Business Development Manager for more information on how our answering services can help your business.