Outsource Virtual Assistant Call Center Services

  • Accommodate large volumes of calls from your customers without making them wait too long.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by letting a highly qualified virtual secretary answering service be the front liner for your business.
  • Provide better customer service without the cost of hiring and training new employees.".
  • What are the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant from a call center company?

    Hiring a virtual assistant from a call center company ensures that you will get a highly qualified and professional virtual secretary, who can answer calls with your brand’s personalized welcome message, arrange appointments by answering and making scheduled calls, collect information from calls received then report it to you and keep records of all calls on a daily basis. Moreover, it can save you from the additional cost of hiring new employee, makes sure there will be no missed calls as it is available 24/7, and can modify scripts provided when required.

    Who can benefit the most from a virtual assistant call answering service?

    Virtual assistant call answering service can mostly benefit businesses that cater to a large volume of customers. You need a virtual secretary when you are having difficulty in office administration, transcription, data entry, appointment bookings, database management, proofreading, website and social media management, accounting, and blogging among others. There are a lot of benefits that a virtual assistant call answering service can provide, regardless if you are a big company or just starting with your own venture.

    When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant to take customer calls?

    The right time to hire a virtual assistant to take customer calls is now. You need a virtual assistant when you are overwhelmed with the current workload, more paperwork for you and your staff to handle, you are on a budget to hire another full-time employee, you need an expert on some areas of your business, and you want to minimize your work-related stress and instead, you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and become more productive.

    How much will a virtual assistant cost?

    The cost of a virtual assistant varies depending on the job description, the expertise you need and other factors. Small businesses and startups prefer to hire a virtual assistant to reduce their operating costs. Instead of hiring new staff, spend on their training and spend extra for a new office, it is wise to hire a virtual secretary. Alternatively, it can perform the same task as your full-time staff with equivalent skills and expertise at a lower cost.

    Hire a Virtual Receptionist from Magellan Solutions

    Hire a virtual receptionist from Magellan Solutions. Magellan Solutions provide a wide array of valuable virtual receptionist services from non-essential admin tasks, creative projects up to technical help. Our virtual receptionists are college-educated, competent, highly trained and are professionals to ensure customer satisfaction. To know more about our services and to get a price quotation, send us a message, and we will be glad to assist you.


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