May it be a quick fix or a total dental makeover, dental clinics will always be busy and packed with patients. Focus on your patients, outsource dental billing services now! Leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

Why is dental billing important?

Dental billing is important for insurance companies to understand what procedure was done and be able to quickly determine and issue the appropriate payment. Dental billing runs on Current Dental Terminology or CDT. Thus, it is important for dental billers to be knowledgeable not only on dental processes but also on CDT.

Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Billing

  • Your money is in the care of trustworthy professionals who are expert in handling money
  • Cost-effective
  • Save-up time and stress-free bill collections
  • Fast bill turn over
  • Professional billing: your patients will be handled by agents who have good communication skills

How would you know if you need to outsource dental billing services?

If you don’t have an employee who is trained in CDT or if you don’t have the software needed for dental billing, then outsourcing this service is perfect for you. The software required for dental billing is expensive. This is why it is more cost-effective to outsource dental billing services.

It is possible to do paper billing but this can be very time-consuming and it will take a few days before it reaches the insurance company. Even with paper billing, you will still need an employee who is trained in CDT and is knowledgeable about basic dental terminologies.

Medical Billing for Dentists: Professional Dental Billing Services

When you outsource dental billing services, you won’t have to worry about training yourself an employee about CDT and coding! Outsourcing also means you won’t have to purchase expensive dental billing software or worry about manually sending bills to insurance companies.

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