Medical Billing and Coding Services

Completing suitable payments for services is quite hard for healthcare providers nowadays. And over the past years, it has become more complicated. There is a high chance for risk with high self-pay and compliance overwhelmingly growing.

In the medical world, medical coding is a vital activity that influences the financial health of a particular healthcare provider’s practice. Given this possibility, health organizations, providers, doctors and other medical professionals are only increasing their exposure to risk without particular and dedicated expertise, focus, and an infrastructure to support the medical billing and coding process.

You can improve your profits while reducing compliance risk, increase cash flow by trimming down delays and improving claims submission, and diminish your administrative load and operating cost by outsourcing your medical coding and billing services to Magellan Solutions, a leading BPO company in the Philippines.

Magellan Solutions’ medical coding services help healthcare providers improve revenue significantly through its

• Extensive knowledge of revenue cycle best practices
• intelligent focus on area of expertise
• Highly developed workflow management system

Our complete coding services are offered as part of our extensive medical billing services offering or as a separate service for health or medical organizations doing the billing activities on their own. Our unmatched process is flawlessly incorporated with your billing system to guarantee the uppermost level of data reliability.

The company’s advanced medical records billing system will help you take charge of revenue cycle management processes and the workflow of your entire practice. Its billing system and coding services eradicate claim denials that are unnecessary and lag days by means of billing and reimbursement management, and a comprehensive assimilation of workflow.

Magellan Solutions’ Billing and Coding Services Include

• Fee Schedule Review
• Patient Registration
• Patient Statement Generation
• Coding and Abstracting
• A/R “Clean-up” Program
• Insurance Verification
• Charge Entry
• Payment Posting
• Benchmarking
• Interim CBO Management/Staffing
• Electronic Claims Submission
• Monthly Reporting/Financial Review
• Semi-annual E/M Chart Review
• IT Conversion Projects

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