Physical therapy billing is essential to keep your business going. Although your main aim is to help people, you have to be familiar on how to make it profitable to cover for your expenses and operating costs. To do this, you must have solid knowledge on how to bill your patients.

Why Should You Outsource Your Physical Therapy Billing?

Outsourcing your physical therapy billing is advised to ensure that you bill your patients correctly according to applicable codes and standards. You don’t need to learn, study and do this on your own. You don’t need to hire full time staff for this also. Instead, you only need to focus on helping your patients and alleviate their conditions.

Is it safe to outsource your medical billing?

Yes. It is safe to outsource your medical billing, especially with Magellan Solutions, as we are HIPAA and ISO compliant. We can assure that patients’ data re kept confidential and that your trade secrets remain private.

What should you look for in a medical billing service provider?

To outsource a medical billing service provider, you have to consider several factors. Make sure that the medical billing service provider are HIPAA and ISO compliant to safeguard private information; the provider must be in the business for many years and have been providing medical billing service to numerous companies, check the current labor marker of the provider, see if the services they offer meet your needs and suit your budget.

How Much Does An Outsourced Billing Service Cost?

The cost of an outsourced billing service varies depending on your needs. You should be able to discuss this with your preferred provider and see if their pricing fits your budget as well as if they can meet with your billing service demands. The cost of outsourcing is flexible depending on your needs and the outsourcing provider’s flexibility to meet these needs. It is always good to talk to a service provider before you decide on outsourcing your billing service.

Outsource Physical Therapy Billing Services To Magellan

Outsource your physical therapy billing services to Magellan Solutions because we have the track record of 13 years in providing medical billing services to a large number of companies. We likewise have a HIPAA and ISO certification to ensure that we abide by the standards in handling sensitive patient information. For inquiries on our physical therapy billing services and pricing, feel free to email or call us so we can discuss it at any time convenient to you.


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