Hire Cold Callers in the Philippines

With the advent of the internet today, ads can be found anywhere and they pop up on your screen anytime. This may be effective, but you will not get real-time feedback from the audience. You need to hire cold callers to call prospects and get real-time results individually. Now, this can save you time.

What is a cold callers?

Cold callers initiate a telephone call (and visit the prospects at times) to someone, especially projected customers, who are not expecting it. Usually, the purpose of cold callers is to introduce a product or service. They are well-trained in cold calling that they are deemed competent in persuading customers to avail of the product or services.

Why Hire a cold callers?

There is a need to hire cold callers because they are adequately trained to efficiently convince probable customers to try a product or service that your company offers. They can deliver personalized contacts with the target client and establish rapport with the customers so they can be able to persuade them effectively.

How much it cost?

The average cost that you will pay if you hire cold callers is about $10-15 per hour. This is just an estimate as the hourly rate or monthly rate may vary depending on several factors. This means that hiring cold callers can be negotiable. Here in Magellan Solutions, we offer cold caller outsourcing services at a flexible price. We can also work on your allocated budget. You may send us a message so we can discuss further details.

Reasons to hire

To hire a cold caller is cost-effective as compared to spending money when you hire a full-time employee and train him. Also, with cold callers, they can be available at any time of the day, even on weekends and holidays. Magellan Solutions’ cold callers are professionally trained to deliver high-quality services to help your business grow and increase profitability.


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